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QuickBooks Cloud Hosting

Get the flexibility to access your financial data from anywhere with the help of QuickBooks cloud hosting services.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Access accounting software and data with QuickBooks cloud hosting whenever and wherever you need.

Add-ons Compatibility

Manage your accounting process more efficiently by integrating any QuickBooks add-on.

Multi-user Collaboration

Cloud allows you to collaborate with your team, clients, and partners to work effortlessly and yield better results.

Reduced IT Costs

Reduce your business expenses by eradicating on-premise IT setup & maintenance costs

What Is QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Services?

Struggling while managing your accounting tasks? Try QuickBooks! It will make your accounting tasks way more effortless. The process of installation of QuickBooks Desktop on a cloud server is termed as QuickBooks cloud hosting. It enables the user to access the software and financial data via a web browser from anywhere. Cloud hosting enhances work flexibility and data accessibility. That further enhances the business profitability rate. With Cloud Hosted QuickBooks, you can enjoy the best of both worlds, i.e. the online and the desktop version.

What Major Benefits Does Hosting Quickbooks on a Server Offer?

QuickBooks Desktop already caters numerous features that ease the accounting operations. It gets a lot better when combined with the advantages of QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Services. And, when you are looking for a managed cloud hosting service, you won’t find a better alternative of Asquare Cloud Hosting. Thinking why!! The reasons are listed below:


By Hosting QuickBooks on a Server, you can avail as many deployments as your business needs. We serve our clients with scalable solutions and pay-as-you-go plans. It will help users to pick the right resources for best QuickBooks Cloud Hosting and add-on requirements.

Scalability with QuickBooks Cloud Hosting
Cross-Device Compatibility

Cross-Device Compatibility

Affordable QuickBooks Cloud Hosting services, supports all platforms and devices like desktops, laptops, and tablets if one has a stable internet connection. Therefore, you get the freedom to work, get instant updates, and bring comfort and flexibility to your work with QuickBooks Cloud Server.

Always-On Support

Our technical experts are adept at handling all your cloud-related queries and are available 24X7 to keep your QuickBooks up and running. Connect with our Quickbooks Cloud Hosting service Providers via call, email, or live chat and resolve all the queries instantly. All this comes at no extra cost!



Reliability is the key feature of low-cost Cloud hosting on Quickbooks. It is systematized to handle server outrages and offers backup options for making your business more dependable for customers and employees alike. Authorized QuickBooks hosting providers in USA, accessible at all times would ensure you have quick data recovery options.

Which Versions Of QuickBooks Do We Host?

At Asquare, we have expertise in hosting all the QuickBooks versions. No matter, whether you are using US, UK, Australian or Canadian editions of QuickBooks Accountant, Pro, Premier, Enterprise, and Remote, we have got you covered. All QuickBooks editions till 2020 are compatible with our server setup.

How Do QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Works?

At first, the user decides the QuickBooks version that he wants to have. Then, that version is installed on remote servers, which you can easily access by entering the secure login credentials via any internet-connected device. The rest features and functions of QuickBooks Cloud Hosting USA remains the same as on your desktop.

QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Works

$ 299 Per Year

QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Support Number

QuickBooks Pro / QuickBooks Premier / QuickBooks Enterprise

Why Choose Us As Your Quickbooks Cloud Hosting Providers?

We strongly believe that reliable customer support is the strength of any business. Contact Asquare Cloud Hosting customer support through live chat, email, and phone. We offer timely resolutions of QuickBooks cloud hosting issues, such as – printing errors, installation, data migration, etc. Additionally, you may get the answers to the most challenging QuickBooks on Cloud support issues from our Knowledge Base.

Our cloud experts have years of experience, and assure the users to troubleshoot hosting issues, provide an in-depth understanding of QuickBooks remote hosting solutions. To get a better idea, you must go ahead and see what our customers have to say about our services. As their reviews speak more than what we can say about ourselves.

Why Us, when it comes to cloud hosting

Security: QuickBooks is the cloud-based software, and most of the small and mid-sized owners are choosing to shift to QuickBooks Cloud hosting service due to the competent security of data that works efficiently around the globe.

Trustworthiness: Before moving your QuickBooks data to the cloud, the first thing that comes in your mind about the service is the trust and security of relevant documents for your business. At this point, Asquare cloud hosting follows all the security standards of business and believe in providing quality service

Experienced Expert: We have an expert team of Cloud engineers who are experienced in resolving issues related to QuickBooks hosting. Our first and utmost responsibility is to provide outstanding expertise and satisfactory service to our client.

Frequently Asked Questions Related To the QuickBooks Cloud Hosting

Check Unique Advantages of Using Quickbooks Hosting For Your Business Growth.

Ans. There are various advantages of QuickBooks hosting which help to access their QuickBooks files anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Is my data secured with Quickbooks remote hosting?

Ans. When you move your file and document in the cloud it already gets saved in a secure hand. Even it can recover data at the time of accidental data damage. Learn how remote hosting is Secure & reliable?

Where my data get stored in the Cloud?

Your data will be stored or back up in the cloud not in your local or hard drive. with the help of QuickBooks Cloud Hosting. Read the blog and know what benefits does cloud data storage offers to your business?

How Much Time Does It Take for QuickBooks Data Migration?

Generally, it takes one to two working days for data migrating of QuickBooks desktop on the cloud. But, at Asquare Cloud Hosting complete this transferring process only in 120 minutes.

Hike Your Firm Growth By QuickBooks Small Business Cloud Accounting

Ans. This software is self-sufficient in itself to perform various QuickBooks small business cloud accounting services and in this way, it helps to reduce the cost of the business. This transition makes the data accessible to the user from anywhere anytime on any device. It enhances employee collaboration and business productivity.

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