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Troubleshooting – QuickBooks Payroll Not Calculating Taxes

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Sometimes, small businesses and accountants find QuickBooks payroll not calculating taxes. This could be because of many reasons, such as the wage limit reached, tax or payroll items set up incorrectly, outdated tax tables, etc.

In this blog, we will explore several reasons why QuickBooks payroll fails to calculate and deduct taxes and then follow that with solutions to fix the issue.

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Why is QuickBooks Not Deducting Payroll Taxes?

QuickBooks tax withholding depends on many factors such as how frequently the employee is paid, taxable wage, number of dependents, and filing status.

  • Let us explore why payroll taxes are not automatically calculated in QuickBooks desktop.
  • The total wage in an employee’s last paycheck might have been too low.
  • The total annual salary might exceed the yearly limit.
  • You haven’t updated your payroll tax table.
  • The employee has claimed as tax exempt because of reasons like having too many dependents.

How to Resolve QuickBooks Payroll Not Calculating Taxes?

We saw multiple reasons why, when running payroll, you might find payroll taxes not calculating in QuickBooks Desktop. However, fortunately, there are proven ways to fix that. Let us look at these solutions you should run to ensure QB payroll calculates taxes.

1. Update QuickBooks Desktop

Before you begin with comprehensive troubleshooting, the first and foremost thing you need to do is update the QuickBooks application. This act alone is often able to fix common errors users face.

Moreover, you can schedule the automatic update to ensure you are always using the latest release. Once you have done this, move on to updating the QB payroll.

2. Update QuickBooks Tax Table

Intuit periodically rolls out payroll updates with revised tax tables and tax rates. These updates often resolve many payroll issues.

Therefore, we recommend you update your payroll tax table. Once done, proceed to the next step.

3. Refresh the Payroll Service

Open the QuickBooks Account Maintenance page and then carry out these steps to refresh the payroll service.

  • Go to the Employees tab, scroll down to My Payroll Service, and select it.
  • Select Account/Billing information.
  • Provide the Intuit user ID and password.
  • Review the Service Status in the Service Information section.

Important Note: In case you find that it is Suspended, keep your cursor over the Annual Billing Details section. Now, type in the credit card details.

  • Finally, choose Save.

Now, check if your QuickBooks is calculating payroll correctly, as it usually should.

4. Revert Paychecks

If you still find QuickBooks payroll not calculating taxes, you can revert the employee’s paycheck to refresh the employee’s payroll information.

  • Launch QB Desktop and open the Employees menu.
  • Select Pay Employees followed by Scheduled Payroll.
  • Now, tap on Resume Scheduled Payroll.
  • Right-tap the employee name to which you wish to revert the paycheck.
  • Finally, choose Revert Paychecks.

This should make sure QuickBooks calculates payroll taxes for employees.

Summing It Up

This was all about why is QuickBooks payroll not calculating taxes and how to resolve that. Carry out the solutions given in this guide and if you face a problem, connect with a QB expert. They are proficient in troubleshooting accounting and technical issues in QuickBooks. Dial +1(855)-738-0359 and talk to a QB expert now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is QuickBooks payroll not calculating taxes?

QuickBooks might not be calculating payroll taxes if the employee is tax exempt, the tax table is outdated, or their wages don’t meet the salary limit. Let see how we can ensure QuickBooks calculates taxes with the help of this guide. 

Does QuickBooks automatically calculate payroll taxes?

QuickBooks payroll automatically calculates taxes based on your preferences. This saves you huge time and allows you to focus on your core business operations.

Does QuickBooks payroll take out taxes?

QuickBooks comes with the option to automate taxes, which means the software can pay your taxes and file the forms so that you don’t have to do it yourself. However, QuickBooks Online Payroll Core doesn’t automate local taxes.

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