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Simple Step-By-Step Guide To Merge Vendors in QuickBooks

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QuickBooks is accounting software that can be used for a variety of purposes. You can keep a record of your every business transaction and can help you create individual accounts for your customer and vendors. There is also an option to merge vendors in QuickBooks through which you can delete any duplicate accounts. Follow these simple steps to do so- 

Things To Know Before You Merge Vendors In QuickBooks Enterprise

Merging two accounts means that you are changing the data entered into your computer; thus you need to be very careful. You should keep these things in mind before you merge two vendors in Quickbooks- 

  1. You should back your company file in QuickBooks Desktop for Windows or Mac, based on the OS you are using
  2. Your company file should be in Single User mode. If it’s in Multi-user mode, switch it to single-user mode.
  3.  If there are any pending accountant changes, clear them first so that you don’t find any unexpected discrepancies.
  4. Make sure that multi-currency isn’t turned on QuickBooks Dekstop for Windows.\
  5. You should exempt these vendor accounts from merging- 
    • Tax Authority
    • Tax-Exempt
    • Payment Made through Online Banking
    • Direct Deposit vendor

How To Merge Vendors In QBD For Windows?

Merge entries from Chart Of Accounts, item list, Customer List, and Employee List:-

  1. Navigate to the list with the entries you want to merge
  2. Copy the name of those entries which you wish to keep
  3. Right-click on those entries which you don’t want to keep and then select Edit
  4. Paste the name of those entries which you copied and tap Save & Close
  5. Select Yes in order to merge the entries

Note- In case a message pop-up saying “You cannot merge an account that has online information associated with it into another account” from the Chart of accounts, you need to have an active bank feed on one of the accounts.

Merge Vendors in Quickbooks desktop 

QuickBooks Desktop for Windows 2019 and subsequent

  1. (QuickBooks Desktop Accountant edition) Navigate to Accountant menu and then select Client data review, then tap on Merge Vendors
  2. (QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise) Navigate to Company menu and then select Accounting tools. Then tap on Merge vendors
  3. Select all the vendors you wish to merge and then choose Next
  4. Choose a Master Vendor and then Merge.
  5. Tap on Yes in order to merge the vendors and press OK

merge the vendors

QuickBooks for Windows 2018 and previous versions

  1. Go on to Vendors menu and then choose Vendor Center.
  2. Copy the name of the vendor which you wish to keep.

choose Vendor Center

  1. Right-click the vendors you don’t wish to use and then choose Edit Vendor.
  2. Paste the name that you copied and then press OK.
  3. Press Yes in order to merge the vendors.

QuickBooks Desktop for Mac

  1. Navigate to the list containing the entries you wish to merge.
  2. Copy the name of the vendor you wish to keep.
  3. Select the entries you don’t want to keep and then tap on the Pencil icon in order to edit it.
  4. Paste the name you copied and then choose OK
  5. Tap on Yes in order to merge the entries

So these are the simple methods through which you can easily merge vendor accounts. We also included things that we should keep in account before merging these accounts. QuickBooks have more such features in order to simplify your business accounting needs. These are very crucial tools irrespective of the size of your business, and if you own a business, you should definitely give QuickBooks one try.  You can contact our Expert at Asquare Cloud Hosting Helpline number +1- (855)-738-0359 for instant results.

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