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A Detailed Guide On How To Protect QuickBooks From Ransomware Attacks

Protect QuickBooks from Ransomware Attacks
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Would it be wrong to say that the hackers are out to get you these days? Well, I don’t think so. When it’s about your company data, you must be concerned and take all the necessary measures to keep it secure. At times, you must across malware like Ransomware that can corrupt all your accountant data. In such situations, the firms that still store their data on local hardware are hard hit. They end up losing all their critical company files, which further results in massive business loss. Thus, you must protect QuickBooks from ransomware attacks by deploying advanced security measures. Here, we have discussed some measures that will help you prioritize data security.

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How Is QuickBooks Affected By Ransomware?

In today’s time, cyber-crime is increasing every day. Therefore, it is vital for the users of the most popular accounting solutions, QuickBooks, to be well-versed with the different types of attacks that it poses on the software. Below we have mentioned some of the possible ways by which QuickBooks can be affected if you do not protect QuickBooks from ransomware attacks:

  • There might be chances that your Email IDs are compromised, and then the deep fake technology is utilized to steal your QuickBooks data.
  • At times, you might notice that the QuickBooks invoices are impersonated in phishing campaigns. It later targets users with access to financial data.
  • Sometimes, the hackers may scan user’s networks for the sake of QuickBooks Point of Sales (POS) and credit card details.
  • The Excel attachments that work with QuickBooks are injected with malicious code that, in turn, corrupts the software.
  • The QuickBooks file extensions are changed or encrypted, preventing authorized users from accessing their financial data in QuickBooks.

Although, we have tried to bring some of the most common ransomware to attack or damage your QuickBooks software and data. The list is certainly not exhaustive. The time has advanced, and the hackers are using increasingly sophisticated methods that can leave the QuickBooks users in a compromising state.

How To Protect QB Data From Ransomware Attack?

If you want to protect QuickBooks from ransomware attacks. It is then of utmost importance for you to have the right knowledge about how ransomware attacks on QuickBooks can be used to exploit vulnerabilities and your financial data. Below we have listed some of the preventive measures that you follow to prevent ransomware attacks on QuickBooks.

1: Be vigilant

Even if you are aware of the ways of ads and popups, as a user, it’s important to stay watchful of all your records and accounts. For that, you can follow this two-step authentication and remain assured that your account information is secure. First, make sure that you update your passwords on a regular basis. Second, always remember to log out of your account each you login into any device. It’s amongst one of the easiest and best ways to help you stay away from a ransomware attack regarding your powers and abilities.

2: Get educated with online safety

If you are running a business or a family, you must take out the time to educate everyone regarding the basics of online safety. It’s something that a lot of us ignore and doesn’t take it seriously. But in today’s time, one needs to learn and update that education in the earliest possible time. For that, you can always have a look at the headlines for new scams. Additionally, you need to be vigilant for anything if you don’t feel right whenever you are online. Besides, you must always keep updating yourself on the recent information that has been happening around you.

3: Update your software as often as possible

Whether you work using a computer, tablet, or phone, you must always keep an eye on the software updates so that you can function without any hindrance. Whenever you come across any update, especially the one regarding security, you must prioritize its installation on all of your devices. What else you may do is have an up to date operating system and software. It will make sure to keep any updates as a focus even when you get busy due to other things.

4: Have a good security system on all devices

What one must need to do is have a reliable security system on all your devices. Well, you might feel that it’s a bit costly. But it’s all worth it as it keeps your data secure in the worst of the scenarios. Thus, even if you come across a natural disaster, your data will be recovered due to the advanced security measures you have deployed. Therefore, you must do your research and find the right system that fits your business needs the best.

5: Consider relying on a cloud service

Well, when it comes to data backup or data storage, what’s better than a Cloud hosting service. Besides storing your data on a remote server, it will keep your data secure by deploying advanced safeguards. The hosting service provider makes sure that your data has as many security layers as possible to avoid any data corruption. If you are looking for an affordable service that allows you to host your QuickBooks data on a cloud service, you can contact our experts. They will walk you through the best solutions that will ensure to keep your data safe and secure. Wondering if Cloud can prove helpful to prevent ransomware. Let’s discuss about this in brief.

Is QuickBooks Hosting An Ideal Choice For Ransomware Protection?

There is no denying that Hosting QuickBooks on a cloud server helps to protect QuickBooks from ransomware attacks in a much better way. To achieve the same, you can follow the below-mentioned measures:

  • If you want to safeguard your QuickBooks against ransomware or any data breach or theft. You must try to host QuickBooks on private servers.
  • To prevent unauthorized access, you must use advanced access control methods such as multi-factor authentication to ensure maximum data security.
  • At times, a cyber-attack might become successful. But, due to the availability of redundant computational, networking, and storage capabilities, your hosting provider ensures a faster data recovery.
  • Hosting provides you with additional data backups. Apart from that, the backup process is entirely automated even if you have not set up Intuit Data Protect.
  • With QuickBooks Hosted server, you avail round-the-clock monitoring to identify any kind of suspicious activities that typically are not available when you opt for self-hosting.
  • QuickBooks Cloud Hosting services automatically update security patches for supported QuickBooks versions on cloud desktops.

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Why Asquare Cloud Hosting?

No matter how minor or significant the ransomware attack is. It has always been a cause of worry for QuickBooks users. And thus, you must always look for things that can help you protect QuickBooks from ransomware attacks. Therefore, to protect your data and QuickBooks software from such data theft and breaches. You must avail the services of an experienced cloud hosting provider, for instance, Asquare Cloud Hosting for QuickBooks Hosting. We promise to serve our customers with 99.9% uptime for providing QuickBooks cloud hosting services.

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Have you realized how essential it is to protect QuickBooks from ransomware threat? If yes, then you must switch to Cloud Hosting and store your data on a secured platform.

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