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A Troubleshooting Guide On QuickBooks Error 80004

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QuickBooks Desktop is widely used to send paychecks to employees and vendors. Sometimes, when users try to turn on payroll, they might see QuickBooks error 80004 on their screen.

Let us understand better what happens with the help of an example. A user clicks on the Employees tab and scrolls to turn on payroll. And lo! There is error code 80004 on their screen.

In this blog, we will explore the reasons for the QuickBooks payroll update error 80004 and how to fix it. Alright then, let us begin.

Possible Reasons Why You See QuickBooks Payroll Error 80004

Here are some explanations for the QuickBooks Payroll Error 80004.

  • There might be data damage in your company file
  • You have an outdated software that hasn’t been updated recently
  • The payroll subscription might be inactive
  • The tax table is not updated

Now, let us see how to troubleshoot error code 80004 in QuickBooks Desktop.

How to Resolve QuickBooks Error 80004 in QB Desktop

In this section, we will guide you through various solutions to fix QuickBooks error 80004. Make sure to follow the instructions in the order they are written and reach out to us if you have a query.

Important: To save your company data, create a company file backup before you proceed with the solutions listed below.

1. Update QuickBooks Desktop

First, begin with updating QuickBooks Desktop to the latest release available. This brings the latest product enhancements and bug fixes to the computer.

Once done, proceed to the next step.

2. Update Tax Table

Now, we will go ahead and update the tax table for accurate tax calculations. This also resolves issues like payroll error 80004.

3. Verify Payroll Subscription

You need an active payroll subscription to run payroll operations. Let us check and verify the payroll subscription to ensure it is active.

  1. Open QB and tap on the Employees menu.
  2. Click on My Payroll Service followed by Manage Service Key.
  3. Check the Service Name and Status. The status must show as Active.
  4. Go to the Edit menu and choose Service Key. You can re-enter the service key if you wish.
  5. Tap on Next and unmark the checkbox for Open Payroll Setup.
  6. Finally, choose Finish.

Once done, try to turn on payroll and if you see QuickBooks error 80004, proceed to the next solution.

4. Open a Sample File

We will open QuickBooks and log into a sample file to determine whether the issue is with the company file or the software.

  • Go to the Start menu or the Desktop if there is a QB shortcut
  • Press the Ctrl key on your keyboard and choose QB.
  • Don’t let go of the Ctrl key until QB opens.
  • Finally, tap on Open a Sample file.

If you don’t see QuickBooks error 80004, the issue is with the company file. In this case, verify and rebuild company data to resolve the errors.

However, if you continue to see this error in the sample company, move to the next solution.

5. Clean Install QuickBooks

If the payroll error continues to be a problem, clean install QuickBooks Desktop. Once done, log in to your QuickBooks company.

Run payroll operations and check if the QuickBooks error code 80004 has been resolved.

Summing It Up

The guide here will walk you through various solutions to resolve QuickBooks Error 80004. However, if the issue persists or you find trouble following the steps, feel free to reach out to an advisor. Dial +1(855)-738-0359 and connect to a QuickBooks expert who will assist you in troubleshooting the error right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is QuickBooks online not calculating payroll taxes correctly?

Your QBO payroll might not be calculating taxes when sending paychecks if your payroll subscription is inactive or if the employee is marked exempt. Other reasons for this can be the outdated payroll tax tables as well.

What is the Error Code 80004005 in QuickBooks Desktop?

QuickBooks error 80004005 arises when the size of the company file gets bigger or due to damaged log files or damage in the company. The error instructs you to condense the company file. 

How to fix QuickBooks payroll errors?

To resolve the payroll errors in QuickBooks Desktop, such as PS038, here are some things you can do:
1. Reset the last update as sometimes QB updates can lead to errors
2. Download the latest QB and payroll updates
3. Check for stuck paychecks in the company file

How do I fix a Payroll Service Server Error?

Here are some things to do to resolve the payroll service server error in QuickBooks:
1. Check your internet connection and internet settings
2. Check and configure the firewall and security software settings
3. Update QuickBooks Desktop application.
4. Repair the installation for QuickBooks Desktop. 

How do I fix the QuickBooks Payroll Update Error?

Here are some things you can do to fix the QuickBooks payroll update error:
1. Check the payroll subscription and make sure it is active. 
2. Upstate the QuickBooks Desktop to install the latest components and security features. 
3. Finally, run Quick Fix my Program from the QB Tool Hub.

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