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What Is QuickBooks Clean Install Tool – How To Download & Run?

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With time, technology has taken place and changed for the better. From business owners to entrepreneurs, QuickBooks has been the foremost choice for most of them due to its latest and advanced accounting features. Thus, it ends up saving a lot of time and effort. Despite such advancement, technical snags are common. At times, the users come across significant issues in the application that may hamper their work productivity. QuickBooks Clean Install Tool can be of great aid as it helps in resolving multiple issues of the application. That’s why it is also known as a repairing tool, as it fixes the unrecoverable problems in the application. Well, it’s not challenging to use the QuickBooks Clean Install Tool; it’s a relatively simple process. The article will help you understand all the corners to download QuickBooks to reinstall. Therefore, you must stick till the end!

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Various Ways Of QB Clean Installation With QuickBooks Removal Tool

When it comes to resolving company file issues, the Clean Installation of QuickBooks plays a crucial role. The window reinstall tool allows you to rebuild data damage in the accounting application. If you think that re-installing can fix all your user app data local Intuit issues, then you are incredibly wrong. Thus, the user needs to follow the entire method of QB clean installation with the QuickBooks removal tool to get rid of the error that has taken place. Here, we have mentioned the significant steps that this process consists of:

  1. Completely Uninstall the QuickBooks application.
  2. Rename Installation Folder.
  3. Run Quickbooks Clean Install Utility Tool.
  4. Reinstall the QuickBooks application.

Well, it’s general for any user to come across the doubt that there is any chance for their company data to get affected or get damaged after running the QuickBooks clean installation tool. The answer is NO; the clean install tool for QuickBooks desktop doesn’t harm the financial data of your business in any way.

Follow These Points Before QuickBooks Reinstall Using A Clean Install Tool

  • As a user, you need to make sure that the setup or installation CD of QuickBooks Desktop, License Number, and Product key are available.
  • For being on the safer side, it would be best if you create a backup of your company data.
create a backup of your company data. before reinstall using a clean install tool
  • Make sure that your device completes the installation process.
  • You must log in as a system administrator before you proceed to the next troubleshooting step.

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Backing up your company files to keep your data safe

Another thing that has to be kept in mind before you start the re-installation of Quickbooks Desktop is to backup your files. And here is what has to be done.

  1. Start the process by double-clicking on Quickbooks Desktop’s icon. This will open the application for you.
  2. Now, you will have to head to the “File menu” and then create a local backup from the “backup company” option.
  3. Now, you will have to choose between “online backup” or the “Local Backup”, whatever you prefer.
  4. And then just click on the “Next” button, and follow all the instructions that come on the screen.
  5. Let the backup get completed.

Which Issues QuickBooks Clean Install Utility Tool For Windows Can Fix For You?

  1. Can you fix the errors that you face when a QuickBooks company file is not found?
  2. Issues related to display and template can be resolved.
  3. It can help to fix unrecoverable errors of QuickBooks.
  4. It also assists in resolving Run-time errors.
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What are the common signs that indicate the usage of QB removal tool?

There are various signs or symptoms that can help in determining that the removal tool of QB should and must be used. Here are some of the common ones.

  1. Whenever you try to open more than one company file, there will be an error that occurs.
  2. If you have already tried the simple QB re-installation method and it didn’t fix the error you were trying to.
  3. And also when you keep trying to install Quickbooks the error keeps showing.

Important: Before you begin, download the QuickBooks installer for your version. Have your license number ready as well. 

Significant Steps For QB Clean Installation Using QuickBooks Clean Install Tool?

Step 1: Uninstall QuickBooks Desktop

  • In the first place, the user must navigate to the search option from the taskbar.
  • Then, you have to type Control Panel in the search bar.
open the run window by pressing win + r, then, type “control panel" and press ok
  • Next, click on Program and Features.
click on program and features.
  • After that, you must go to QuickBooks from the list of the programs that appear on the screen.
  • Moving ahead, right-click on QuickBooks and then uninstall a program.
right-click on quickbooks and then uninstall a program
  • At last, you need to follow the instructions that are displayed on your screen to end this method.

Step 2: Rename the Installation Folder

To continue using the ‘Clean Install Tool QuickBooks,’ you need to rename the folders. You can do it in two ways:

1: Download and Install QuickBooks Clean Install Tool

  • At first, you need to download QB clean install tool from the official website of Intuit. Further, you need to wait till the downloading process completes.
  • After that, you have to click on the downloaded file QuickBooks clean install tool exe.
  • While following the above steps, you need to make sure that you accept the terms and conditions of the QB clean install tool.
  • Then, click on Next.
  • Moving ahead, you need to select the desktop version of QuickBooks that you want to choose for your process.
  • Now, you have to click on the continue option.

Note: Once you click on the continue tab after selecting the product version of the QB, it will automatically rename all the relevant folders.

  • After that, a message will appear on the screen that reads, “QuickBooks is now able to do clean process”.
  • In the end, the installation process makes the user eligible to install it from your PC default directory.

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2: Rename ‘QuickBooks Desktop Installation Folders’ manually

You might have an idea that the QuickBooks clean install tool is not compatible with QuickBooks 2020. Thus, whenever you come across such a case, you can follow the steps mentioned below for renaming the folders manually:

  1. In the first place, click on the Start menu.
  2. Then, search for File Explorer and open it.
  3. After that, search for the folder in which you have stored your company files.
    • C:\ProgramData\Intuit\QuickBooks (year)
    • C:\Users(current user)\AppData\Local\Intuit\QuickBooks (year)
    • C:\Program Files\Intuit\QuickBooks (year)
    • 64-bit version C:\Program Files (x86)\Intuit\QuickBooks
  4. Once you find the respective folder, then right-click on the folder and click on the Rename tab.
  5. Moving ahead, add old at the end of the folder name. It will help to prevent QuickBooks desktop from trying to open it whenever you reinstall it.
  6. At last, you will be allowed to reinstall the QuickBooks desktop.

    If somehow an error message “the access denied while renaming the folder“ pops up while renaming the folder, follow the below-listed steps:
    • At first, click on Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys simultaneously for opening the task manager. Besides, you may also search for the task manager in the Start menu bar.
    • After that, open the processes tab.
    • Moving ahead, select the name column header to order the list.
    • Further, you need to search for these in the processes tab: QBDBMgrN.exe, QBDBMgr.exe, QBCFMonitorService.exe, Qbw32.exe, and end these listed processes.
    • Click on Yes if somehow you end up with the error message: “Terminating a process can cause undesired results.”
terminating a process can cause undesired results

Step 3: Run QuickBooks Clean Install Tool

  • When you open the QuickBooks tool hub application, all the installation Issues will appear on the screen.
open the quickbooks tool hub application
  • Then, you need to select the installation issues.
  • Now, the QuickBooks clean install tool will be available to you.
  • The user needs to click on the green button.
  • Apart from that, the user needs to choose the QuickBooks version and product version that you want for your accounting process.
  • Then, you must choose the continue option.
  • After following all the above steps, you need to make sure that the QuickBooks software installs at the default location.
  • Once the verification completes, click OK.

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Step 4: Reinstall QuickBooks Desktop

  • In case, if you have the CD, then you need to enter CD into the computer system and follow the on-screen instructions that display on your screen. It is a combination of the entire procedure.
  • If you have brought QuickBooks from the official website of Intuit, you will be able to log in and download the setup of QuickBooks.
  • Once you are done with installing the setup, then you must enter the license number and product number.
  • Further, click on next.
  • Moving ahead, you have to select the type of installation that you want for your accounting process.
  • Then, click on next followed by the install option.
  • Well, now you are all set to run QuickBooks.

Need Assistance For QuickBooks Clean Install Utility Tool

With the help of this article, you now have got all the important information and significant factors that can help in picking the correct troubleshooting method. However, one of the easiest methods amongst all of these is the QuickBooks clean install tool. It can assist you in the clean installation process of Quickbooks.

But in case, the problem still persists, you can directly get in touch with our customer experts. For that all you need to do is call us on our cloud hosting helpline number +1.855.738.0359. Our cloud-hosted QuickBooks experts will assist you with the handiest solutions in the shortest possible time.

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