How To Resolve QuickBooks Error PS038 – Payroll Update Error

QuickBooks Error PS038

Fix QuickBooks Error message code PS038

Did you end up with QuickBooks error PS038 while updating or processing paychecks in QB? Well, it might be possible if you are using an older version of QuickBooks.  It may also occur when you try to install the recent updates of payroll tax tables in the QB Desktop. However, the issue was resolved with the launch of the QBDB28 version. But, many users continue to get the same error code once again. It might be due to a different reason. That being said, let’s move ahead and understand more about the QB error PS038. 

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What Is Meant By QuickBooks Payroll Update Error PS038?

At times, while trying to send paychecks online, update QuickBooks Payroll or Payroll tax tabes, you might end up with QuickBooks error PS038 as paychecks were stuck as “Online to send“. This doesn’t allow the payroll to process, and thus, you need to fix it at the earliest. Else, you won’t be able to send employees payroll data. One of the primary reasons is an inactive payroll subscription. There are other reasons as well that promote QuickBooks Error code PS038. We have covered all of them in the next section.

What Are The Primary Causes Of QuickBooks Error Code PS038?

Several reasons may bring forth the Intuit QB error PS038. To resolve the issue, you need to understand the possible causes. Here, we have mentioned some of the major reasons that promote the error while updating QuickBooks.

  1. While sending Paychecks online: The error code PS038 in QuickBooks appears when you try to send paychecks via online mode, but the paycheck is stuck “Online to send“.
  2. Data Discrepancies: One of the primary reasons behind the QuickBooks error PS038 is the damaged company file. Along with affecting other files, it can affect your system as well.
  3. While Recovering the latest payroll update: The issue may occur while you try to recover the latest QB payroll updates and validate your payroll subscription.

How Payroll Update Error Affects Business Accounting?

No doubt, QuickBooks payroll Error PS038 restricts you from updating the payroll. Apart from this, it also affects other payroll activities like payroll tax calculation and paycheck creation in some of the other ways as listed below:

  • It Degraded the Windows performance: The moment you end up with Error PS038 while updating payroll, it crashes your active window. Along with that, your processing speed is reduced, and task completion time is enhanced.
  • Payroll Update Process is Hindered: It hinders your payroll updates process, and thus you won’t be able to proceed ahead with the update.
  • Error while sending a paycheck: Sometimes, the QuickBooks error PS038 leads to data damage, due to which you need to check your records while handling paychecks.

Before you try to rectify the payroll error PS038, there are some crucial factors that you must take into account for hassle-free troubleshooting.

Important Factors Before Resolving Error PS038 In QuickBooks

We understand that your work is being hampered due to the QuickBooks Desktop Error PS038. Before you proceed, there are certain points that you must take into consideration to fix the error efficiently:

  • You must update the QuickBooks software as per the latest available version.
  • Before you proceed with the troubleshooting, create a backup of your company file and payroll data.
  • Install the latest updates of the payroll tax table in your QuickBooks Desktop application.

As discussed, you may end up with the error PS038 in the QuickBooks desktop while working on the payroll or updating it. However, different reasons prompt the error. Thus, you need different resolutions depending on it. In the next section, we have listed some of the detailed troubleshooting methods that will help you resolve the error.

How to Resolve QuickBooks Error PS038?

You might have got stuck with the QuickBooks Error message code PS038 while trying to run payroll or downloading the payroll updates. Here, we have mentioned some of the effective troubleshooting methods that will help you resolve this QuickBooks payroll error. The listed solutions will help you fix the issue in any of the below-mentioned situations:

  1. When paychecks get stuck as “Online to Send.”
  2. If it persists even after the Rebuild.

NOTE: Before you proceed with the resolution methods, you must update QuickBooks as per the latest version (QBDB31). Also, to avoid any data disruptions, you must make a backup of your crucial company file and payroll data.

Step 1: Resend Payroll after Updating QB

Depending on the kind of payroll service that you have, you can follow either of the below steps:

  • Firstly, click on My Payroll Service under the Employees menu. Then, select the Send Usage Data option. 
  • Alternatively, you may also select the Send Payroll Data option from the Employees menu.

If the send is successful, try to get the payroll updates again. However, if the QuickBooks update Error PS038 message persists, you may connect with our support team. 

Step 2: Find & Check the “Online To Send” Paychecks from the Record

Don’t edit or delete the paychecks if it’s stuck as “online to send“. All you have to do is note down the number of matches on the bottom right of the Find window. To keep track, you must jot down the oldest and newest stuck checks. Further, you may follow the below-given steps to determine your stuck paychecks:

  • Firstly, select Edit> Find> Advanced tab.
  • From the Choose Filter menu, search for Filter list and select Detail Level
  • Now, choose the Summary only option.
  • Again, under the Choose Filter menu, look for the Filter list and select the Online Status option.
  • From the drop-down menu, click on the Online to Send option.
  • Afterward, select Find to see all the unsent paychecks.
  • Lastly, you need to Run a verify data. It will display all the stuck paychecks.

As discussed above, you need to fix the QuickBooks error PS038 in the below-mentioned situations: 

Condition 1: If it occurs when Paychecks get stuck as “Online to Send”

If you encounter the QuickBooks payroll update Error PS038: When paychecks get stuck as “Online to Send,” the foremost thing you have to do is update the QuickBooks Payroll. After that, you can proceed with the below-given steps:

Solution: Run Verify and Rebuild Data tool

Before you run the Rebuild data tool, make sure to take a backup of your company data.

  • Click on Rebuild Now. Once the rebuild process completes, it will show the status of stuck paychecks. 
  • If the rebuild cannot remove all the stuck paychecks and hampers the payroll update, it might be because of one of the reasons listed in the next section.

Why Is Rebuild Unable To Remove The Stuck Paychecks?

There are certain reasons why the QuickBooks error message PS038 persists even after running the Rebuild data tool. Moreover, this restricts you from downloading the payroll updates. Below we have listed all the possible reasons due to which rebuild is not able to remove the stuck paychecks:

  • There might be a pending Accountant Copy. In such a situation, you have to merge the Accountant’s changes or cancel them to continue. However, after this, you might need to make a new Accountant Copy if your accountant needs to make some changes.
  • It might be the case where a Condense Data was performed on the QuickBooks data file for some particular dates that also include your stuck paychecks.
  • This might not be amongst one of the primary reasons that trigger the QuickBooks error PS038, and maybe your stuck paychecks are beyond the oldest date for billing.

Now that you are aware of the possible reasons why the error message PS038 persists even after running the rebuild. Therefore, in that case, you must try following the steps mentioned in the next section.

Condition 2: If it occurs after Rebuild

  • To begin, search and open the first paycheck on the list. Then, select the Paycheck Detail option.
  • In the Earnings section of the Review Paycheck window, you have to add the same earnings item as the last earnings item. 
  • It will pop up a Net Pay Locked message on your screen. Click on NO to close the message.
  • Now, select the Rate field of the new earnings item that you have added.
  • Make sure that there is no change in the taxes and Net Pay. Further, click on OK to save all the required changes.
  • Select Yes, when you receive the Past Transaction message.
  • Click on Save followed by Close to close the paycheck.
  • Select Yes when the Recording Transaction warning message flashes on your screen & open the paycheck again.
  • Afterward, select the Paycheck Details icon and delete the earnings items that you added in the Earnings section.

NOTE: Before you delete or recreate the paychecks, make sure that the Earnings section doesn’t have blank line items.

  • Again, check that no change is made in the taxes and Net Pay. Then, click on OK> Save> Close to close the paycheck.
  • Lastly, repeat the same steps for all the paychecks that have Online to Send status. Once done, try to send Usage Data once again.

After this, you have to download the latest tax table in QuickBooks Payroll by following the below-given steps:

  • Click on the Get Payroll Updates option from the Employees menu.
  • Then, mark the Download Entire Update checkbox and select the Download Latest Update option.

What if you don’t get the latest tax table?

If you have another company to do payroll in, open that file and look for the latest payroll updates. When found, open the original file and try to get the Payroll Update again. If the update completes, it will allow you to create and send payroll. You must know that this won’t remove the PS038 error message in the original company file.

Need Technical Assistance!

The troubleshooting steps mentioned in this blog would have helped you fix the stuck paychecks and resolved QuickBooks error PS038. However, if the error persists even after trying the above-listed methods, then you must look for an expert’s assistance. For that, you may reach us by placing a call on our Asquare Cloud Hosting Helpline Number.

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Ambrose Mathews
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