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Remote Desktop Services for QuickBooks Enterprise | Detailed Description

Remote Desktop Services for QuickBooks Enterprise
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If you are looking for industry-specific accounting features that can help you enhance business profitability, then you must switch to remote desktop services for QuickBooks Enterprise. It is highly preferred by small and mid-sized businesses that are trying their best to expand their reach. It further assists retail, manufacturing, and other industries, etc. by saving their valuable time and effort. Up to 40 users can have data accessibility at one time from anywhere via any internet-connected device, that further results in increased work productivity. There are several other facts associated with RDS that we have discussed in this blog.

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An Overview Of QuickBooks On Remote Desktop Services

Even the RDS technology allows businesses that have multiple users, to share the company files and applications with greater efficiency and way lower costs. If you own an organization that uses QuickBooks Enterprise with RDS, you can allow your authorized users to access the data installed on servers wherever and whenever they need it. All a user needs is a stable internet connection and a compatible device. Let us understand why to use QuickBooks Remote Desktop Services for QuickBooks Enterprise to gain more profit.

How Does Remote Desktop Services For QuickBooks Enterprise Works?

QB Remote Desktop Services is built into Microsoft’s Windows operating systems. It further helps the users in accessing their financial data stored on a remote server. In general, RDS includes four components that we have listed below:

  • You may use remote desktop session host for holding session-based desktops and applications. 
  • If you want to manage connections to Session Host farms, remote desktop connection broker might come handy.
  • If you are looking for something that you can use for public network users to access Windows machines and hosted applications, the remote desktop gateway is all you need.
  • remote desktop web access is used in web portals for publishing/ accessing Windows applications and desktops.

With RDS, even with QuickBooks Enterprise installed on a server, it helps users to interact with pages, icons, and access points that are present in the application in much the same way as using it natively. The users can see the application images on their devices. And, their inputs through keyboard and mouse are sent back to servers, that is hosting the application for further processing. If you want to enhance the user experience, you must make the best use of scalable resources that are available on the servers.

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How Remote Desktop Services Benefit The Enterprises?

Are you wondering how RDS enhances the benefits that QuickBooks Enterprise offers? What it does is it maximizes the value of the solution that your software provides. Along with that, it reduced expenses. Below we have mentioned the most important benefits that you may avail by using RDS with QuickBooks Enterprise.

1: Eases QuickBooks Installation and Setup

You might come across several complexities such as installation errors, network errors etc. while you try to install and set up QuickBooks. Besides, you need to invest more time and time for installing QB on a dedicated server. At times, you might need to pay a huge amount for QuickBooks maintenance while you host QuickBooks on your private server. Therefore, in such times you can take help of RDS as it ensures to offer easy and fast streamlining of QuickBooks.
Along with that, RDS assists you with easy QB installation and setup on Microsoft’s server. Thus, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that you will have a hassle-free QuickBooks experience with RDS.

2: Streamlining Support Services

Remote Desktop Services allows you to set up QuickBooks Enterprise for users, support, and maintain the system. You need to install the desktop application and the subsequent updates only once on the server. Apart from that, there is no need for businesses to upgrade their existing infrastructure. Instead, what they can do is allow their employees to access the software on virtual desktops. It further supports other applications such as Excel that work along with QuickBooks Enterprise.

3: Advanced Security Features

There is no denying that QuickBooks enterprise caters to robust security features. To enhance its services, Remote Desktop Services for QuickBooks Enterprise adds additional advanced features that aids in protecting your financial data. Only those users with authentic login credentials are allowed to access the servers. If you want to access the QuickBooks data, you need to establish a connection with the remote server. Even then, the data get stored on the cloud server, and thus, the chances of data leaks are minimal.

4: Reliability

It would not be wrong to consider QuickBooks Enterprise as a resource-intensive application. The user has the option to install the software either on individual desktop or dedicated workstations. This is applicable only when you are not using RDS services. In this type of network, you need to transfer your data between the computers and servers. Network and machine performance could affect the data transfer process. As, if you encounter even a minor issue, it could hamper the performance of your network.

With Remote Desktop Services for QuickBooks Enterprise, you install the QuickBooks application on a centralized server. Additionally, you only send the user inputs back to the server. It not only keeps you away from the deterioration in the application performance, along with that, but it also aids in keeping your data secure.

5: Cost-Effective

No matter how advanced technology has become in recent times. Several virtualization solutions allow the users to work from different places in a varied time zone, and on-device of their own choice. There will be an instance where you might find deterioration in network performance. You might be aware that RDS built into operating systems; thus, it gets optimized in such a way that it can handle scenarios in which there is no sufficient or low bandwidth. Therefore, you might come across situations where you will get restricted to use specific device specs for accessing QuickBooks Enterprise. And times when several users can access it from the same workstation.

6: Better Control

If you take into consideration, the locally installed copies of QuickBooks on the local computers, you would realize that an organization could gain significantly more control over the application when compared to their employees. The admin of the server maintains and actively monitors the QuickBooks application, along with your financial data. The regular users don’t have the credentials to access the software.

7: Need for Knowledgeable Administrator and More

No doubt, RDS comes along with several advantages. However, before you take the decision of hosting QB in RDS, you must consider a few things. It’s important for you to have few in-house resources, such as a knowledgeable QuickBooks administrator, high-level in-house firewall and malware security, and more.
The resource requirements as mentioned above make RDS an expensive asset for your business. However, there are other alternatives to host QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise. Let’s discuss the alternative to RDS.

What Are The Alternatives To Remote Desktop Services?

Before you take the decision, it’s essential that you have a look at the other options as well. It might turn out to be an affordable option for your business. You can put your hands on the services of QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting from any reliable cloud hosting provider. It offers many advanced features and advantages when compared to RDS and that too at an affordable price. Below we have listed the benefits that you may avail with QuickBooks hosting:

  • Pay-as-you-go
  • Lightning-fast servers
  • Uncompromised data security
  • Easy and secure file transfer
  • Flexibility
  • Mobility
  • 24/7 Round the clock tech service, and more

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How Can We Assist With Hosted QuickBooks Enterprise?

By the end of this blog, you would have realized how you can extract the maximum benefit of your accounting solution with the remote desktop services for QuickBooks enterprise. What’s more reasonable is that it comes at way less cost. Being an authorized Hosting Provider, Asquare Cloud Hosting assures you to offer ready-to-use virtual machines. It might further assist you in accommodating other vital business applications that you may use at some point in your business for enhancing productivity. If you have any queries, you can reach us. We provide round-the-clock customer service via phone (855)-948-3651, chat, and email for Cloud Hosting services.

If you are concerned to know how hosting solutions can shape your business in the right way, get in touch with us. We will assist in the best way for QuickBooks enterprise hosting services. 

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