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QuickBooks Email Setup – Configure Outlook & Webmail in QB Desktop

QuickBooks Email Setup

Intuit QuickBooks offers its users to set up an email service on the QuickBooks Desktop version. The service of sending emails directly from QuickBooks saves a lot of time and effort. Users can also send and receive reports, send invoices to the clients, and perform other transactions as well with the help of Outlook or Webmail id. This can be done by configuring QuickBooks to send an email. But some users find the process of QuickBooks Email Setup as a difficult task. Here, we will discuss the best exercises by which you will get to know how to set up email in QuickBooks.

Configure Email Services in QuickBooks Desktop
Configure Email Services in QuickBooks Desktop

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How is QuickBooks Online Email Setup Beneficial?

As we all know that, QuickBooks is one of the most popular accounting software and the QuickBooks email features offer numerous benefits. We have listed down some of the benefits of configuring email in QuickBooks.

Connect your email to QuickBooks Desktop
Connect your email to QuickBooks Desktop
  • With this feature, it is possible to set payment reminders to the customers via emails.
  • Also, it allows the users to fetch information from the customers and vendors. 
  • Users can send direct email invoices and estimates to the customers via email setup.
  • Provides a facility to share reports within the office and department.
  • Users can import the company data from the spreadsheet and can also insert attachments up to 2MB. 

The above are the benefits of setting up emails in QuickBooks. QB provides different email options.

What are the Different Email Options in QuickBooks?

There are possibilities that due to some reasons, the user is unable to find the option to set up a particular email at the QuickBooks Desktop. Also, the user might be using an unsupported version of QuickBooks. The system doesn’t show each and every option in some cases. There are three options for emailing in QuickBooks.

  1. Webmail: The Webmail feature of QuickBooks launched in the year 2011 to bridge with Yahoo, Gmail, or any email platform.
  2. Outlook: If you have MS Outlook already installed in the system, then you can redeem the Outlook support. It is noted that Outlook is the most preferred email client, as it provides more easy handleability.
  3. QuickBooks Email: This option is not that much in use and most unliked by the users. As the users generally go for the Outlook option. 

How to Setup Emails in QuickBooks? 

Below are the options for setting up the QuickBooks emails by which you can easily send transactions, invoices, reports, and more. Now let’s start.

Option#1: Setup Outlook Mail in QuickBooks

Before starting, ensure that you’re using Outlook 2010 or any latest version, and you also have Outlook email profile details. 

Step1. Before Setting Up Outlook Get the Following Info

  • Username 
  • Password of Email
  • Incoming email server type
  • Outgoing email server address
  • Incoming email server address

Step2. Set up QuickBooks Email Via Outlook

Setup Outlook Mail In QB
Setup Outlook Mail in QuickBooks
  1. Open QuickBooks and go to the Edit menu.
  2. Then, choose Preferences and then click on Send Forms.
  3. Now, select Outlook and click on OK.

Option#2: Setup Secure Webmail for QuickBooks 

There are some points you need to know before setting up Secure Webmail in QuickBooks, which are given below:

Points to Remember Before Starting the Configuration

  • Only the latest version of QuickBooks can use secure Webmail. This generates an easy and secure connection for your email.
  • When you link your Intuit account with your webmail account, make sure that secure Webmail works appropriately.
  • After linking, you don’t need to enter the password every time while sending the email. 

After these points, you have to make sure which versions of QuickBooks can work with the secure webmail.

QuickBooks Versions that are Compatible with the Secure Webmail

These versions are suitable for Yahoo Email, Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, and Windows Live Mail. For Mozilla Thunderbird Email Client, they only support the plain text version in Mozilla.

This version is only available for Gmail and Hotmail/Live users. 

Gmail users in the USA only can use R5 and newer versions.

The secure webmail is not available for these versions.

After knowing all these points, whether it about the condition or version, let’s proceed to the QuickBooks email setup using the QuickBooks Email option.

Steps to Set Up Secure Webmail (QuickBooks Email Option)

  • Launch the QuickBooks application and go to the Edit menu. 
  • Then, choose the Preferences and click on Send Forms.
choose the Preferences
  • Now, you have to select the WebMail and then Add.
select the WebMail
  • After that, choose your provider from the drop-down menu and provide the email address.
Type Login credentials
Type Login credentials
  • Here, choose the checkbox of “Use Enhanced Security” and click on OK. (You can unmark the box if the “Network Error. Please try again” error message occur)
Configure Secure Webmail IN QB Desktop
Setup Secure Mail using QuickBooks Email Options
  • Now, Log in to your Intuit account.
  • After that, a wizard of the webmail provider’s login will appear. Sign in and choose to grant Intuit access.

After following the above process, there are some points you need to know.

  • If you set up Secure Webmail to your Company file, you need to create a complex password for your file to secure the file.
  • If you’re using a Hosted Environment then you need to sign in every time you wants to send a mail

After using the option of QuickBooks Emails, now it’s time to go for the Webmail option.

Option#3: Configure Regular Webmail in QuickBooks

Setting up QuickBooks emails through Webmail is also an acceptable way. Now, before starting the process, below are some points every user needs to know.

Things You Know Before Set up Emails

  • You have to verify your Webmail servers and the port settings with the ISP.
  • The Webmail provider asks the users to enable their account settings for the two-step verification process.
  • QuickBooks will auto-fill the details for some common providers.

How to Set up Webmail in QuickBooks?

  • Open QuickBooks and choose the Edit Menu.
Set up Webmail in QuickBooks
  • Then, click on the Preferences tab and choose the Send Forms option.
  • Now, choose the Web Mail>>Add.
choose the Web Mail>>Add.
  • After that, enter the Add Email information and click on Ok.
  • In the end, click on OK for saving the changes.

Option#4: Setup QuickBooks Email Services

  • Firstly, choose the “QuickBooks Email” option from the Send email using section.
  • Then, you need to check whether you have a valid subscription or not. Because QB email features only process when you have an Intuit services active subscriptions like Accountant’s Copy File Transfer, QuickBooks Payroll, QB Enterprise Full Service, IMS (Intuit Merchant Service), or QB Billing Solution.
  • Now, follow the on-screen instructions for QuickBooks email setup.
  • In the end, you have to fill in some required information such as email address, username, password, incoming & Outgoing email settings, and server details.

After providing the above options, hope that you can easily set up QuickBooks Email services. Now, after this, below are some points which are important to know. 

Points to Consider After Setting Up Webmail

  • QuickBooks will ask you to provide your Webmail password while sending the first email using the Webmail. 
  • If QuickBooks reject your password, contact your Webmail providers (Yahoo, Gmail, etc.) to execute the two-step verification and also ask the users to check the account settings.  

If you are a Cox and CableOne user and can’t find any solution for QuickBooks Desktop Email Setup, then the below section is for you.

For Cox Users

While sending emails the Cox’s standard settings do not use the SSL or the Sign-in details. The QuickBooks Desktop uses the SSL connections and asks you to enter the Sign-in credentials. Thus, using the SSL Connection and port 25 will not function with the QB desktop. You can use the SSL with port 465 or 587.

For CableOne Users

The CableOne users can follow the given details to set up QuickBooks emails since they use Google servers. 

  • Email Provider: Gmail
  • Email Address: Your User ID
  • SSL: Yes
  • Port: 465 or 587

Users are also confused with the different port information and internet service provider. In the next section, we present you the table which contains the data.

Table for Port Information and Internet Service Provider (ISP)

Go through the table given below to find out the exact codes and information regarding the port, servers, and ISP.

ISP (Internet Service Provider)SMTP PortSMTP Server 
1AND1.com587 (SSL enabled, with password)
AOL465 or 587  (SSL enabled for outgoing and incoming mail server)
EARTHLINK25 (with password)
GODADDY with Office 365587 (SSL enabled)
MICROSOFT OUTLOOK 365587 (SSL enabled)
PRODIGY25 (SSL enabled)
GODADDY80, 25, or
NETSCAPE25 (SSL enabled)

Let Us Setup QuickBooks To Email Invoices for You

With this blog, we present you the perfect solution for QuickBooks Email setup. Hope you find this helpful in how to set up email in QuickBooks Desktop. If you need any help regarding configuring QuickBooks emails, we are available 24×7 to help you, just make a call at Asquare Cloud Hosting Helpline Number at +1(855)-738-0359. Our professional team will assist you with the best.

QB Email Setup FAQs:
1. Can QuickBooks desktop automatically email reports?

QuickBooks Desktop has a feature that is Scheduled Reports. It allows the user to send or email reports on a daily and recurring scheduled time.

2. What email address QuickBooks use to send invoices?

The QuickBooks’ default email address while sending invoices, reports, and transactions is

3. Does QuickBooks work with Gmail to send emails?

The QuickBooks 2019 and later version works with secure webmail services such as Gmail and Yahoo Email.

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