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How Do You Easily Connect QuickBooks Online with Mailchimp?

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Have you ever thought about collaborating email marketing with QuickBooks? If you haven’t, then start thinking about it, as you can now connect QuickBooks Online with Mailchimp. This revolutionary integration can change the game of email marketing campaigns and accelerate business sales. You can use the customer’s data in QuickBooks and design custom messaging by segmenting your audience to attract more customers or re-engage with existing ones. But to achieve all this, the first step is to integrate QuickBooks Online with Mailchimp properly. To learn and understand the whole process and its prerequisites, go through this article till the end!

What are the Benefits of QuickBooks Online & Mailchimp Integration?

Every business is different, and so are its customer segments. But with this unique and exciting integration of QuickBooks with Mailchimp, there is no limitation, as email marketing mainly applies to all business sectors. You can combine the synergies of QB financial data with marketing to create distinctive customer experiences to pull revenues. If you want to know more, read the following advantages after you connect QuickBooks Online with Mailchimp:

  • You can get the feature of automatic synchronization of customer data, transactions, and invoices in QuickBooks with Mailchimp to target these customers with specialized campaigns. With the help of the integration, you can eliminate the need to contact each customer manually.
  • To gain new customers and get a firm hold on the market, you can create multi-channel marketing campaigns using in-build Mailchimp segmentation tools, tags, and automation by utilizing financial insights and reading their purchase patterns. With the help of the segmentation, on average, you will have 23% higher open rates and 49% higher click-through rates.
  • To re-engage your existing customers, utilize the Mailchimp Free Plan to create custom and automated messaging activated by your targeted customer behavior. As a result, there will be an average of 93% increase in open rates and a 174% increase in click-throughs.
  • With the help of this integration, you gain a holistic view of customers in just a few clicks. Use the profiles of each customer to look into the invoice and transaction data, engagement history on all marketing channels, 1:1 messages, survey interactions, and many more.

Before You Start, Understand the QuickBooks Online & Mailchimp Integration!!!

Prior to the MailChimp integration with QBO, read these important points to understand the process better:

  • A significant prerequisite for using the features of this integration is to have an individual QB Online account and a Mailchimp account.But if you already have a Mailchimp account and it’s integrated with multiple companies, you must select which one to connect to the QuickBooks Online account.
  • Intuit imports customer information from QB Online to Mailchimp. The following are the details for each customer that is imported:
  1. Name of the customer, email, phone number, and business address.
  2. Transaction and invoice data, if any, connected to that specific customer.
  • During the integration setup, you can choose the audience you want the QuickBooks Online customer and invoice data to sync. After the data syncs, the QuickBooks customers import as the new contacts for the audience. These new contacts will be tagged as imported from QuickBooks online, making it easy to pinpoint specific marketing efforts.

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Steps to Successfully Connect QuickBooks Online and Mailchimp

Following are the steps to connect, review, and use the QuickBooks Online contacts in Mailchimp:

  • Sign in to the Mailchimp account, click the Integration icon, and choose Mailchimp for QuickBooks Online.
  • Under the Select an Audience field, click on the dropdown menu.
  • Select the Mailchimp audience you wish to sync the QuickBooks Online customers to.
  • Under the Select Contact Status field, click the dropdown menu and select the following status that you want for the new QuickBooks contacts:
  1. Subscribed contacts have agreed to accept the marketing materials.
  2. Unsubscribed contacts haven’t agreed to receive the marketing materials.
  • Choose the Connect to QuickBooks option, then enter the QuickBooks login details in the Email or User ID and Password fields, and click the Sign In option.
  • If you have multiple QuickBooks Online accounts, choose your company and click Next
  • Choose the Connect option to import all the contacts after you read the permissions.
  • As you follow the above step, QB will automatically sync all the customers or transactions in the future.

Note: Remember, you can choose a single contact status only for all the contacts, so it will be best to select the Unsubscribed option. Afterwards, for contacts you know who agree to receive marketing, resubscribe them in Mailchimp later on.

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All contacts will be synced after the MailChimp integration with Quickbooks Online. To check if the process is completed, review both your audience and the recently imported contacts by following the steps laid out below:

  • Move to the Mailchimp account and click the Audience icon.
  • From the Audience dashboard, move to the Recent Growth section to review the newly updated contacts. 
  • Alternatively, under the Tags section, you can review the contacts by how they are tagged. The new QuickBooks contacts are tagged as QuickBooks Customers.

After you connect QuickBooks Online and Mailchimp, the final step is understanding and getting a clearer picture of using Mailchimp’s marketing tools. You must use these tools to get accurate, organized, and informative insights to send automated campaigns to target your QuickBooks contacts specifically. To do this, you need to first:

  • Create email campaigns from the QB Online dashboard.
  • Send these campaigns to suggested segments.

How do you Disconnect the QuickBooks Online and Mailchimp Integration?

If users want to disconnect the integration, they can do so. But, before you proceed to implement the procedure, do keep the following things in mind:

  • All your customer updates will be paused.
  • All the order and invoice data that was previously synced will be deleted from Mailchimp. 
  • The QuickBooks Online customer data will remain as Mailchimp contacts, but you cannot sync any further changes from QuickBooks.
  • The data stored in QuickBooks Online will not be affected when you disconnect the integration.

Here are the steps to disconnect the MailChimp integration with Quickbooks Online

  • Sign in to the Mailchimp account and click the Integrations icon.
  • From there, find and choose the option Mailchimp for QuickBooks Online integration and click Disconnect.
  • Lastly, to give your confirmation, choose Disconnect again.


We have tried our best to make this article informative for all the readers. Hopefully, you can now connect QuickBooks Online with Mailchimp with the help of the above-mentioned steps. However, if you face any issues while connecting the accounts, do not hesitate to call us. Also, those confused about how this integration can be fruitful for their business can chat with our team. Don’t wait anymore; pick up the phone to dial Asquare Cloud Hosting Helpline number .Our team is waiting to assist you fully!!


1. How long does it take to connect QuickBooks Online with Mailchimp?

The duration of syncing both accounts depends on your audience size, also known as the list. However, you can call us at this +1(855)-738-0359 if more than 48 hours have passed and the process of importing the contacts is still not completed. 

2. What data is synced when you connect QuickBooks Online with Mailchimp?

With this integration, you can sync over the following marketing and financial data:
1. Audience(s)
2. Sales Receipts (Total Amount, Product/Services Purchased)
3. Invoices Paid
4. Date of Purchase(s)
5. Contacts
6. Email Addresses
7. Behaviors/Contact Activity

3. How to do Mailchimp integration with QuickBooks Online?

a. Buy a QuickBooks Online plan.
Choose a plan that fits your business, depending on whether you’re a startup, well-established, or a growing company. 
b. Sign up for Mailchimp
If you want, start with Mailchimp Free Plan for an easy‑to‑use marketing platform that helps you create an audience out of your QB contacts that will boost sales and profits.
c. Connect QuickBooks Online with Mailchimp
Add all the customer details in QB, which will sync to Mailchimp to create compelling campaigns with less work.

4. Is Mailchimp integration now available for QuickBook?

Yes, now all QuickBooks Online users can integrate their accounts with Mailchimp. By connecting both accounts, you can sync the QB online customer information and utilize the info to create personalized campaigns. 

5. Will you need a Mailchimp account?

Yes, you must have a Mailchimp account to initiate the integration process. Connect an existing account or sign up if you don’t already have one. You can use the free or paid plans depending on your requirements. 

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