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Fix QuickBooks Error Code 6150 1006- Unable To Open Company File

QuickBooks Error Code 6150 1006

QuickBooks error code 6150 1006 is an error that occurs in desktop versions of QB. It arises when users create, open or run their company file. This error generally happens because your company file is damaged and needs repair. The error message that appears on the screen is:- 

“We’re sorry. QuickBooks couldn’t open your company file.
We’ll try to fix the problem. Click Start to begin.
If the problem continues, contact support for assistance and report error code: (-6150, -1006)."

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Causes of QuickBooks Error 6150 1006

The reasons for QuickBooks error 6150 1006 involve problems with your company file or the presence of a malicious virus. The detailed list of reasons is as follows:- 

  • Your company file is damaged or corrupted.
  • Your company file extension is different from (.QBW).
  • Your company file extension got damaged.
  • Viruses such as Cryptowall have encrypted your data.

Troubleshooting for QuickBooks error code 6150 1006

The methods to fix QuickBooks error code 6150 1006 involve checking for CryptoWall virus, repairing your company file and recovering your company file data. It’s advisable to follow these solutions in the order mentioned below. Let’s look at these solutions in detail:- 

Method 1- Verify the presence of the CryptoWall virus

The CryptoWall virus can enter your system through a trojan horse and encrypt your data file. QuickBooks Enterprise Error 6150 may arise on your system if infected by this virus. Follow these steps to verify if the virus is present or not:- 

  • Tap on the Windows Start button.
  • Type File Explorer in the search field and press enter.
  • Now browse through the files and find the QuickBooks folder. It is generally present in C: Drive.
  • Look for the files containing words such as decrypt or instructions. 

Note: These files are generally in .txt or .html format. 

If there is no file matching the description, go through with the methods mentioned below.

In case you find any file matching the description, reach out to antivirus service providers and ask them for a solution for the CryptoWall virus. 

Method 2- Use QuickBooks File Doctor from QuickBooks File Doctor

QuickBooks File Doctor is used to repair damage in your company files or any network issues with the server. It can also fix damage resulting in QuickBooks Company file error 6150. You can access File Doctor from QuickBooks Tool Hub. The latest versions of QB applications have Tool Hub as a built-in feature, while the older versions need to download the standalone application. Follow these steps to use the file doctor for fixing the error:- 

  • Run QuickBooks Tool Hub and go to the Company File Issues menu.
  • Browse to find your company file and select it.
  • Then tap on Check File Damage only and click Diagnose File.
  • Wait for the process to get completed and then rerun your QB application. 

Check if you can access your company file or the error still pops up. If your error is not fixed, jump to the next method.

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Method 3- Restore your last backup  

QuickBooks users are advised to back up their company file regularly. Try loading the last backup you created if your file is inaccessible because of QuickBooks error code 6150 1006. You will have to redo the work that you did after the backup was created but the error will not pop up again. These are the steps you need to follow:- 

  • Run your QuickBooks application and tap on the File tab.
  • Select Open or Restore Company.
  • Choose Restore a Backup copy and tap on Next.
  • Now click on Local Backup and press the Next Button. 
  • Browse through the location of the company file from the Look-in menu.
  • Choose the backup of your company file, and it should be with your company file. It will be present with the .QBB extension.
  • Click on the Open button and then tap on Next.
  • Go to the Save-in list and look for a preferred location to restore your backup file.
  • Type in a new name in the File-name section and click the Save button.
  • Ensure that the file is automatically saved in .QBW format.
  • Click on Yes if the pop-up about replacing the file arises.
  • Now type in YES to complete the overwrite process and press Ok.

Method 4- Use Auto Data Recovery to recover lost data

QuickBooks uses Transactional Log (.TLG) files in order to recover the data that got lost or corrupted. It can be used to recover only the latest transactions. This will only work for QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise Solutions users. These are the steps you need to follow:- 

  • Create a new folder on the Desktop and name it as QBTest.
  • Now navigate and open your company file folder.

Note:- The Product Information screen contains the location of your company file folder. Press F2 or Ctrl+1 in the No Company Open Window.

  • Find the file that has the name of your company file with the .TLG extension. 
  • Right-click on this file and select copy. Now paste this file in the QBTest folder you created on the desktop.
  • Now go back to the same location of your company file and open QuickBooksAutoDataRecoveryFolder.  
  • Copy the file having the name of your company file with .QBD.adr extension and paste it to the QBTest folder.
  • Go to your QBTest folder, right-click on the file having .adr extension, and choose Rename.
  • Remove the .adr from the file name and press enter.
  • Now run QuickBooks 
  • Open the company file that you saved in the QBTest folder. 
  • Tap on File and click on Utilities. Choose Verify Data to check the integrity of the recovered copy. 

You can move the damaged company file to a different location and transfer the copy from QBTest to the original location if this copy of the company file is good.

Allow experts to help you fix QuickBooks Error code 6150 1006

So this has been all about QuickBooks error code 6150 1006. Creating a regular backup of your company file helps in safeguarding your data from virus attacks such as CryptoWall. We hope that you understand the course of action you need to follow when this error occurs. If you are stuck somewhere and looking for any help, contact +1 855-738-0359 Asquare Cloud Hosting’s expert team and they will guide you with what you should do.

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