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Download & Run QuickBooks File Doctor To Fix QB Network Errors

QuickBooks file doctor

With advancements in technology, everybody is looking for alternatives that can benefit their business the best. QuickBooks is one such software that can enhance your profitability rate and make regular tasks seamless when it comes to accounting. However, while working on it, you might end up with certain issues that can hamper your ongoing work. There comes the role of QuickBooks File Doctor. It helps you resolve such issues without wasting much time. If you wonder how you can use it for your benefit, this blog will answer all your queries on how to get QuickBooks file doctor download. Here, we will discuss all the facts associated with the File Doctor Tool.

How to Run QuickBooks File Doctor

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What Is QuickBooks File Doctor Tool?

QB File Doctor is a file repair tool that resolves data corruption, network diagnosis, windows problem, etc. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it makes your work seamless. It helps you fix network errors like Error H101, H202, H303, H505, etc., and error code -6000 (QB Error –6000, -82, QB Error -6000, -305, QB Error –6147, etc.) by repairing the company files issues that can be causing any such issue. Read ahead to gather more information about QBFD Tool.

What Is QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

QB Versions that Support File Doctor Tool

  • For the QuickBooks Desktop 2016 and later versions, QB File Doctor has become a QuickBooks Built-in tool.
  • For QuickBooks version Older than 2016, You Need to download the file doctor tool separately.
  • It is not compatible with any version of QuickBooks for MAC.

Different Types Of QuickBooks File Repair Doctor Tool

There are two types of QB File Doctor tool are available for the users today:

  • Built-in File Doctor:– Available in QBD version 2016 and later releases.
  • QBFD stand-alone version: Available for older QB versions.

How To Download And Install QuickBooks File Doctor Tool?

You can follow the below-given steps to download and install the file doctor tool into your system:

Method 1: Download Stand alone version From Intuit’s website.

  • In the first place, you have to download the QB File doctor and then run the QBFD.exe file.
  • It will start the installation process.
  • Once it completes, the file doctor will automatically open.
  • It’s essential to have a .Net framework on the system. If not, then the QBFD setup will download it on its own.
  • Lastly, you need to follow the installation process like the way you follow while installing the other programs in windows.

Method 2: Download QuickBooks Tool Hub to use In Built File Doctor

With QuickBooks Tool Hub, you can resolve all the common errors that you come across while using the software:

Run QuickBooks File Doctor
  • Firstly, download the QuickBooks Tool Hub file and save it on your system.
  • Then, open the QuickBooksToolHub.exe file.
open the QuickBooksToolHub.exe file
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to install and agree to the terms and conditions.
Install and agree to the terms and conditions
  • Once it finishes, double-click on the Tool Hub icon to open the tool hub.
double-click on the Tool Hub icon to open the tool hub
  • Then, select the Company File Issues tab.
  • After that, select the option Run QB File Doctor. It might take a minute to open.
  • Further, select the company file from the drop-down menu.
  • Moving ahead, click on check your file> Continue.
  • At last, enter your QuickBooks admin password and click on Next.

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Steps By Step Guide to Run QuickBooks File Doctor

1: Run From QuickBooks Tool Hub

Download QuickBooks Tool Hub
  • To begin, open the tools hub and click on the Company File Issues option.
Company File Issues option
  • Then, select Run QBFD.
  • There, you have to select the required company file and click on continue.
select the required company file and click on continue
  • Lastly, enter QuickBooks username and admin password and click on Next.
enter QuickBooks username and admin password
  • The above process may take 3-5 minutes, depending upon the file size, to repair damages and network issues.
  • Once the file doctor has finished processing your company file, you must restart QuickBooks and open your company file.

2: Manual Method to Run QBFD

The below steps will be only applicable to QuickBooks 2016 and later versions:

  • Initially, start QuickBooks and open your company file.
  • Then, open File> Utilities> Repair File to start QuickBooks File Doctor Tool.
  • Search for the required company file.
  • From there, select the company file or network issues.
  • When prompted, enter the QuickBooks Administrator ID and password and click on Next.
  • Once the file has been processed, restart QuickBooks and open the required company file.

What Steps Must You Follow To Use Stand-Alone File Doctor version?

You must have the latest version of File Doctor to begin this process. If not, then you can download it from Intuit’s official site.

Use Stand-Alone File Doctor version
  • Firstly, double-click on the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool.
  • Complete the installation process by following the instructions that display on your screen.
Use InstallShield Wizard for QuickBooks Desktop File Doctor
  • If the tool doesn’t show up even after being installed, click on Windows Task-bar to open it.
  • Search for your company files from the drop-down list. Else, you may also click on the browse option for manually locating it on your hard drive.
Search for your company files from the drop-down list
  • Followed by that, click on the option “Check file damage only” and start the basic fixing method.
  • Besides, you may also run QB File diagnostics to fix any issue you encounter while using the accounting software.
  • After that, the QBFB Tool will offer two options. Choose the one that fits your need:
    • In case you have come across a -6000 series error or your file is damaged.
    • Or if you come across network problems (Error H101, Error H202, Error H303, or Error H505).
Repair the file for your existing version of QuickBooks
  • Then, type in the password of Company File Admin and click on Next.
  • To continue diagnosing and the repair process, choose either of the two options:
    • Select Yes, if you are working on QuickBooks Server/Host.
    • Whereas, if on the QB Workstation, click on No.
  • QuickBooks file doctor tool may take some time to repair the company files.
repair the company files
  • Wait until QBFD fixes the issue. The time may vary depending on your file’s size, Local Area Network Speed, and the severity of the company File issues.
  • Once the repairing process finishes, a success message will flash on your screen. Thus, you can close the QBFD tool and open your company file.

How To Use The Built-in Version Of File Doctor QB?

The built-in tool is a simplified version that detects and repairs the issue on its own. Here, you just have to click on the Start icon to begin working with the tool. Follow the below-mentioned steps to start using the built-in version:

  • Firstly, you need to start QuickBooks without opening the company file.
  • Then, click on the File Menu> Utilities> Repair File and Network problems to begin the built-in version of QBFD.
click on the File Menu then Utilities
  • Now, search and select the company file that you want to repair by clicking on open.
select  repair
  • Select the repair process that you want to undergo from the Show Advanced Setting drop-down list.
  • Click on Next.
  • When asked, enter the credentials and click on Next.
  • Once the repair process completes, try opening the company file.

What Are The Various Result Possibilities With QBFD?

Case 1: If QBFD Tool didn’t detect the issue:-

QBFD Tool didn’t detect the issue

If the file doctor didn’t detect the issue, you must log in back into the Company File. However, if you cannot open the company file, you must initiate the Auto Data Recovery Setup. Besides, you need to enter the transactions before your former backup.

Case 2: QB File Doctor Tool found the issue but is unable to resolve it:-

QB File Doctor Tool found the issue but is unable to resolve it

If you come across such a situation, then you must go for Auto Data Recovery setup. Also, you must enter the transactions in a manual way ever since the last backup.

Case 3: Your issue is resolved by QBFD Tool:-

issue is resolved by QBFD Tool

Well, this is what you wanted. In this scenario, click on “Open New Company,” and this will bring you to the end.

What Are The Advantages Of the QB File Doctor Tool?

To utilize a tool at its best, you must be aware of the benefits that it offers. Below, we have listed a bunch of advantages that File Doctor Tool provides:

  • It can help you fix the network issues.
  • If you are stuck with any error of the -6000 series, the QBFD tool can be a great help.
  • Besides, it can also fix issues like H101, H202, H303, or H505.
  • If data loss or data damage is your concern, this tool can be of much help.
  • QBFD works if you are trying to access the company file stored in another system.

What Are The Disadvantages of QBFD Tool?

There can be certain limitations of the QuickBooks file doctor tool, which we have enlisted below:

  • It’s important to have a stable internet connection to even upload a file or for manual repair.
  • The file size should not exceed 2GB.
  • You must follow the admin panel to run the network diagnosis. Besides, QuickBooks must be in the hosting mode.
  • It is only available for the US and UK versions.
  • You can use the QB file doctor tool only when you are unable to access the company file.

How To Uninstall QB File Doctor Tool?

Follow the below-given steps:

  • First, click on the Windows or Start icon.
  • Then, open the Control Panel.
  • Double click on Programs.
  • Then, click on QuickBooks File Doctor for uninstalling it.


We hope this blog has helped you resolve network and company file issues with the help of QuickBooks File Doctor. If you any query regarding QuickBooks desktop file doctor functioning, you can contact our helpline number by dialing our Asquare Cloud Hosting Helpline Number.

QuickBooks File Doctor FAQs

How long does QuickBooks File Doctor take to install?

The installation time depends on the size of the company file.

Is QBFD compatible with any version of Mac?

No, it’s not compatible with any QB version.

Download & Run QuickBooks File Doctor To Fix QB Errors Easily
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