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What is QuickBooks Error H505? – Causes & Solutions

QuickBooks Error H505

QuickBooks is amongst one of the advanced accounting software that offers innumerable features for reliable & secure functioning of financial data. QuickBooks multi-user mode is one such feature that this software provides. It helps multiple users to work on the same company file from different workstations. The error QuickBooks error H505 takes place when you are unable to access the company file that is located on a different computer. There can be several other factors, as well. In this blog, we have listed all the possible causes and their troubleshooting methods so that you can resolve your query at the earliest.

QuickBooks Error H505
QuickBooks Error Code H505

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What Is Meant By QuickBooks Error Code H505?

QuickBooks H505 Error is a network connection error that takes place while you try to switch to the multi-user mode. Another reason can be when you try to open a company file that is not located on your computer. Therefore, in such a situation, the QuickBooks Company File needs some additional configuration. The issue appears with an error message that reads:

“QuickBooks has faced a problem and needs to close. Sorry for any inconvenience caused”. 

And thus, it ends up blocking the multi-user connection to the server. After knowing what this error means, you must understand the reasons that bring forth this issue.

What Are The Causes Of Intuit QuickBooks Error Code H505?

You might end up with an H505 error in QuickBooks while trying to open a company file on a different computer. There are other reasons, as well. We have listed a few of them below:

  • QuickBooks update error H505 takes place due to a company file that isn’t located on your computer.
  • Incorrect QB file hosting configuration triggers QuickBooks error H505.
  • Due to the presence of corrupt and damaged files.
  • QuickBooks Firewall setting is restricting the access to access company files.

How To Identify QuickBooks Desktop Error Code H505?

Here, we have mentioned some signs that can help users identify the QuickBooks network H505 error whenever it takes place.

  • When it occurs, an active program window crashes.
  • An error message appears on the screen.
  • The windows start to respond slowly to the mouse inputs.
  • System freezes at regular intervals.

Things To Remember While Resolving QuickBooks Enterprise Error H505

Below listed are some important factors that you must consider before you start troubleshooting QuickBooks pro error code H505:

 Symptoms of QuickBooks Error H505
  • Make sure that you installed QuickBooks software on your computer correctly.
  • You can either use the QB desktop version with database or license manager hosting only.
  • You must install the QuickBooks application on the server. Else you won’t be able to use the multi-user mode.
  • Download QuickBooks from its official website.
  • Ensure to follow the instructions for your server computer system.
  • Sign in to the host server as the system administrator user to run the QuickBooks File Doctor tool.
run the QuickBooks File Doctor tool.

How TO Get Rid Of QuickBooks Error H505 Efficiently?

If your work is being hampered by H505 error QuickBooks desktop, then you no longer need to worry. Here, we have mentioned all the effective methods that can help you fix it.

Method 1: Add the server into the Windows hosts file

Add the server into the Windows hosts file
  • At first, search for the IP address and computer name of the server & workstation.
  • Open the Run Window by simultaneously pressing the Windows + R keys.
  • Type cmd and hit the Enter key for opening a Command Prompt window.
  • Now, type ipconfig/all and hit Enter. Besides, you must note the Host Name and the IP Address.
  • If you have connected an additional computer to the server, you must repeat steps 1-4.
  • Lastly, edit the Windows hosts file.

Method 2: Edit the Windows hosts file

  • Firstly, you have to shut down QuickBooks and go to the start menu.
  • Then, you have to follow the path:
    1. C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\Etc
    2. C:\Windows\Syswow64\Drivers\Etc

Note: If you cannot find the Windows folder in the system, you have to follow the below steps to search the hidden files and folders.

  • Firstly, click on the View tab, followed by hidden items.
  • Right-click on the hosts file and select the option “open with” and then choose notepad.
  • After that, enter the IP address and computer name. While entering the details, use the Tab key instead of the spacebar.
  • Lastly, Verify the hosting the changes and then reopen QuickBooks in multi-user mode.

Method 3: Verify the hosting & Services

If you are still facing the QuickBooks error H505, then there is an issue with the hosting services. When the hosting services are not verified properly then you don’t have the adequate rights to access the QB company file by which this error occurs. For detailed information, follow Method 1 of the article Fix QuickBooks Error H101 – Cannot Access Company File In Multi-user Mode.

Verify Hosting and Services
Verify Hosting

Method 4: Open Network Ports that QuickBooks uses to transmit knowledge

  • Firstly, go to the Windows Firewall Settings.
  • Right-click on Windows Option to click on the instrument panel.
  • Type, Firewall in the search bar, and press the Enter key.
  • Move to the left and right-click Outbound Rules and then select ‘New Rule.’
  • Click on Ports> Next.
  • After that, click on TCP and enter the following ports in the specific local ports:
    1. For QuickBooks Desktop 2018- 8019,56728,55378-55382
    2. QuickBooks Desktop 2017-8019,56727,55373-55377
    3. For QuickBooks Desktop 2016-8019,56726,55368-55372
    4. For QuickBooks Desktop 2015-8019,56725,55363-55367
  • Click Next> Allow the Connection.
  • Now, type the name in the name field and click on Finish.
  • Lastly, go to the multi-user mode again and open QuickBooks.

Also Read: How To Resolve QuickBooks Firewall Blocking Issues.

  • Open the control panel> System and Security> Windows Firewall.
  • Go to Click permit associate app/feature on the Windows Firewall.
  • Click on the Modification option> Network Discovery.
  • Click on OK.
  • To begin, open the Run command.
  • Simultaneously press Windows + R key and type in CMD, and hit Enter.
  • Type in config/all and press Enter.
  • Search for the Host Name in the IP Configuration section. The server will display on the right.
  • At last, click on Save.

Method 5: Use the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

Follow the complete process to download and run the QuickBooks file doctor to fix the issues of QuickBooks multi-user hosting error H505 while accessing company files hassle-free.

Fix QuickBooks Error H505 using QuickBooks File Doctor
Fix QuickBooks Error H505 using QuickBooks File Doctor

Method 6: Create a new folder for the company file

  • Firstly, you have to create a Replacement folder on the hosting computer.
  • After that, share the original folder and Windows access permissions for sharing the company files.
  • Copy .qbw file in multi-user mode in the newly created folder.
  • Now, you can open the Company file.

Summing It Up

We hope the resolution methods mentioned in this blog would have helped you resolve QuickBooks error H505 without any trouble. If you are still stuck with any query and require an expert’s assistance, then we suggest you get in touch with our professionals by dialing our Asquare Cloud Hosting Helpline Number.

Fix QuickBooks Error H505 - Problem With Multi User Hosting Setup
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Fix QuickBooks Error H505 - Problem With Multi User Hosting Setup
QuickBooks Error H505 occurs when QB database server has wrong ip address configured OR problem with multi user hosting setup, Follow the steps to check Windows hosts file and verify the service for a quick fix.
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