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Shared Hosting VS Dedicated Cloud Hosting | Which Is The Better!

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In today’s modern world, Cloud Hosting is no alien. Every business is well versed in its functionalities and advanced features. It doesn’t matter if you have just started or run a well-established company, cloud hosting offers a reliable and secure environment for your workspace. When you take other factors into consideration, you have an option to either go for shared hosting vs dedicated cloud hosting. You can utilize cloud hosting as per your business demand.

Have you ever asked yourself about your business goals? Now that you have a clear picture, understand the pros and cons of both. Go through this article and choose the one that fits the best between Shared Hosting VS Dedicated Cloud Hosting to your business needs.

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An Insight Into Shared Cloud Hosting

With shared cloud hosting, the QuickBooks hosting provider puts your website along with others on a remote server. Along with the storage, resources like CPU time also get divided. Let us consider hosting QuickBooks on a shared server; QuickBooks cloud storage isn’t dedicated to the application precisely. Moreover, it comes with certain limitations. Some of them we have discussed further to give you a clear picture of what a user may avail with shared cloud hosting plans.

What Are The Advantages Of Shared Hosting?

  • If you are planning to start a business of your own just want to have a glimpse of QuickBooks on shared cloud hosting, it will be the most affordable option for you.
  • There is no doubt that it is user-friendly, and thus, you won’t face any hassle. 
  • You don’t need to bother about anything ranging from security to upgrades and maintenance. The hosting provider handles all for you.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Shared/Public Hosting?

  • At times, the sharing of the resources online results in a slower response time. Therefore, for businesses that transfer the QuickBooks on shared servers, the workflow slows down.
  • Certain instances may risk data security. When said that you may ask why so? Well, you might not know how many other websites are sharing your server. Hence, the chances of memory leak or hacking on one website can risk data security unknowingly.
  • The server doesn’t have a constant performance graph. Therefore, if a website consumes more resources, it undoubtedly lowers the performance of other websites. In Shared QuickBooks cloud hosting, it can result in errors with page loading.
  • It becomes a tedious task to scale due to limited storage and bandwidth.

A Brief Description Of Dedicated QuickBooks Cloud Hosting

While opting for Dedicated QuickBooks hosting, it gives your business an edge by allowing your application on a single physical server. In such a case, the server resources work only for you, in turn, imparts complete control to the user. It might be a bit expensive for you to get QuickBooks on dedicated cloud hosting, but when you know what you are paying for, it will be worth the price. Now, that we have presented a general overview, let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of Dedicated cloud hosting.

Benefits You May Avail By Opting for Dedicated Server Hosting

  • The user gets the entire server along with its resources.
  • User may avail access to all the settings and flexibility that you need to optimize the server as per your application requirements.
  • You will get a high response time.
  • It does not risk the security of your application. For applications, like QuickBooks that host sensitive accounting data, safety is the foremost concern. Hence, we won’t suggest you risk it for a few bucks. 
  • When you opt for hosting from Asquare Cloud Hosting, we assure to offer 24 X 7 customer service to all our clients.

What Are The Disadvantages Of QuickBooks cloud storage On Dedicated Cloud Hosting?

  • The biggest con that you come across QuickBooks cloud storage on Dedicated Cloud Hosting is the investment that you need to make for it. But, when a business has plans of achieving higher standards, security is a primary concern.
  • Unlike shared cloud hosting, you need a workforce to maintain the server. Thus, it will all depend on you to fix any kind of irregularity that you come across.

Which Factors Weigh Shared Cloud Hosting And Dedicated Cloud Hosting?

1- Data Security and Privacy settings: 

Dedicated Cloud Hosting for QuickBooks ensures the security or your privacy isn’t affected by any poorly managed application of some other organization. Dedicated/Private Servers deploy all sorts of security measures that one needs to protect their data from any kind of malware and spam that can hinder your workflow. No other organization has access to the dedicated server, and thus, only you own the environment for QB.

2- Accessibility and Control-ability for applications such as QuickBooks: 

When compared to shared cloud hosting, dedicated servers provide full control, and thus you can manage it on your own. If your applications such as QuickBooks get on dedicated Cloud Hosting, it will be easier for one to manage multiple user access and to set up roles as per the business requirements. The user bears no restrictions on the use of QuickBooks software.

3- Improved Performance

It becomes highly essential for one to ensure the performance of your applications. While comparing private cloud vs the dedicated server, resources like processor, storage, users, and memory are dedicated to your process in a dedicated server. QuickBooks desktop cloud backup on a dedicated server works seamlessly without any hindrance of the workload.

Need Professional Assistance!

If you are looking for better data handling and multiple benefits, Cloud hosting is the way for you. Besides, you may customize the plans for Shared Hosting VS Dedicated Cloud Hosting. If you come across any query between the two hosting types, get in touch with our Cloud expert to sort all your queries. They will help you decide the best for you between a private Cloud vs dedicated server. 

Wondering if Cloud hosting is the best fit for your business? Call us and talk to our QuickBooks Cloud Hosting team. At Asquare Cloud Hosting, we aim to help you with every ounce of knowledge we have.

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