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Top 6 Business Mistakes To Avoid When Moving To Cloud Hosting

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In today’s time, the majority of companies are migrating to cloud services from the traditional hardware IT infrastructure. Additionally, the cloud offers clients the with enhanced flexibility of paying only for the resources that they use. And thus, you end up saving a huge chunk of money. Cloud hosting, in general, is scalable, reliable, and highly available. It further prompts both upcoming start-ups and enterprise-level businesses to take advantage of moving to the cloud.
No doubt, with all the benefits that cloud computing brings to the table, it proves itself a lucrative option for businesses of all sizes and types. Thus, it becomes essential for one to know the common business mistakes to avoid when moving to the cloud. If you are aware of all the common errors and mistakes that businesses make while moving to the cloud. Your accounting tasks become much more effective. So stay tuned!

What Are The Common Mistakes Companies Make When Moving To The Cloud?


The process of cloud migration could take months, potentially years – to complete the entire migration process. It solely depends on the amount of data that you stored on your desktop. It is because successful cloud migration should be done in stages, migrating over specific bits of data before others. Some organizations take into consideration an estimated timeline. Wondering why you can’t put all your data on the cloud right away and get over with it.

When you’re storing QuickBooks accountant data in the cloud, you might not have enough experience with that provider’s cloud services. Therefore, to avoid situations that can mess up when bringing your data on the cloud, you must be a bit careful. Thus, your organization needs to plan out its migration to the cloud in phases; one must transfer the non-essential data first, then moving on to more business-sensitive data. This way, it will help you to know the mistakes to avoid when moving to cloud that you can commit without putting critical data at risk. Then, when your business becomes familiar with cloud deployment, you can begin moving the essential data.


The chances are high that you might be thinking that every cloud environment is more or less the same. And thus, it doesn’t create a major difference if you move from one cloud to another. But, when the reality is compared it’s not the same. Every cloud hosting provider designs their cloud environment in their own way, focusing on different functions and capabilities for their deployment. Therefore, one must never migrate their financial data blindly from one cloud to another without becoming familiar with the services of your new cloud environment. Besides, it’s amongst one of the questions you should ask your QuickBooks Hosting Provider to make you aware of the mistakes to avoid when moving to cloud that can risk your accounting process. Otherwise, your migration process will hit a brick wall whereas; your enterprise scrambles to reconfigure data to fit the new cloud.


One should never migrate something to the cloud just because you can. Once your enterprise adopts the cloud into its infrastructure, it needs to have a defined business purpose to avail required benefits. The same holds for QuickBooks data migration as well; your organization needs to have area son as to why they have to migrate its data and processes onto the cloud server. Cloud services have grown exceedingly strong and have been utilized by many in the past years. That doesn’t mean your business needs to do the same. Thus, you need first to think, understand and then make a move to correct the mistakes to avoid when moving to cloud . You must evaluate all the factors, such as the cost and benefits that you will have after moving your data onto your cloud environment.


Whenever you transfer your accountant data onto a cloud environment, you cannot expect to put something onto the cloud and work immediately. Depending on your file types and the cloud environment that you have opted, you have to reconfigure your data to function efficiently inside the cloud. Running an application in the cloud, for example, might ask for more computing power compared to what your cloud provider offers to you. Moreover, you need tonsure to test any applications that you put into the cloud to ensure that they’re working properly.

The IDG cloud computing survey states, 73 % of the firms’ store part of their computing infrastructure in the cloud. Whereas, the other 17 % are planning to adopt this feature by the next year.


You might feel that cloud migration is turning out to be a costly process for your business. But, what matters is the end result and if that’s effective then it is ultimately worth your investment. Further, you need to divide the ultimate cost of running your data and processes on your cloud environment. Apart from that, you must consider the cost of making your data unavailable during the migration process, if that’s possible. However, it’s essential for an enterprise to have a rough estimate beforehand – so that it doesn’t turn out as a financial blow that you weren’t prepared for. And thus, you can avail affordable cloud hosting services for your business operations.


When you consider the cloud services, data security has to be the utmost priority no matter what situation takes place. Thus, you must take the security factor into account even when migrating resources to the cloud. As you can’t expect a platform to be safe right after you transfer your data. The QuickBooks cloud hosting providers deploy several services and policies that you need to secure your financial data on the cloud environment.

Final Thoughts!

If you reached the end of this blog, it means you have made a great decision to migrate your business to the cloud. But, what’s more, it is important to be aware of the mistakes to avoid when moving to the cloud. Thus, one needs to look for adequate contingency planning and employee training as it ensures a seamless data migration to the cloud server. It’s important to do adequate planning, strategizing, and foresight to avoid hassles that can restrict you from achieving your goals. If you need any further assistance, feel free to call our experts by dialing our cloud hosting helpline number +1(855) 738-0359.

No doubt, cloud is the way to go. All you need to do is select a reliable cloud hosting provider. You may try the hosting services of Asquare Cloud hosting or ask for a free hosting demo for the best results. We are just a call away!

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