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Is QuickBooks Hosting A Viable Dedicated Server Hosting Choice?

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Cloud technology has gained immense popularity among the accounting industries and tech-savvy entrepreneurs. The reasons are evident enough! The advance features that it offers to streamline business operations. The majority of small businesses prefer to avail themselves of the benefit of dedicated server hosting. However, accounting businesses whose critical data opt for private cloud to get flexibility and full control over the infrastructure. No matter what type of organization you run, it’s essential for the large enterprises to take a step further when it comes to security where you can scale your resources along with cloud characteristics.
When it comes to reliability and efficiency, dedicated servers have never failed to prove their worth. And thus, you can consider it to be an excellent choice when it comes to your business.

With QuickBooks hosting, it becomes your provider’s foremost concern to offer minimum downtime and unmatched customer service to your accounting team regardless of the time and situation.

Why Your Business Must Have Dedicated Server Hosting?

Here, we have mentioned some of the reasons that make it obvious, as to why you must upgrade to dedicated QuickBooks hosting. Besides, we will know how it gives an edge to your business:


While hosting QuickBooks on a server, the user avails an additional layer of security, as the only person who can access the QuickBooks software and data is you. The hosting provider stores all your financial data on a remote server, and thus illegal authorization is avoided. Hence, if you have a poorly managed application of a different organization, then it won’t compromise your privacy.
QuickBooks Dedicated server hosting deploys higher levels of protection against malware and spam to keep your data secure. Advanced security methods such as firewalls, end-to-end encryption, and network monitoring allow you to get rid of security breaches. Thus, you focus on the core areas of your business to enhance your profitability rate.


When you store your QuickBooks software on a dedicated server, it assures to provide you with a total level of control, unlike the one offered in the shared environment. As in the former QuickBooks hosting provider, an organization is solely responsible for managing the server. Therefore, you are stuck with no restrictions while using QuickBooks software.
Hence, you can say that whatever decisions you make about your server, will never affect the rest employees. You can operate and configure the cloud environment in whichever way you want as per the current requirements of your business. Additionally, being an owner, you have the full right to give access according to the employee’s needs. This, in turn, helps to make your business function in a controlled, flexible, and responsive way.


Are you expecting a higher workload? Well, dedicated server hosting makes it easier for you by allowing you to upgrade your RAM, storage, or the number of users with the click of a button. With scalable cloud hosting services, the user can add or remove the resources without even bothering about hardware replacement. All this depends on the current requirement that your business is having.
Cloud makes scaling way more effortless as the resources remain entirely at your disposal. Thus, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Cloud migration assists in streamlining the growth of your business. You are free to alter the server specifications depending on your current accounting needs. To avail of scalable services, you must opt for pay as per usage plan.

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If your expenses are crossing the budget that you have made, then it’s undoubtedly going to hamper the accounting operations. It might be true mainly for the growing businesses, as they need reserve capital for other core areas. With dedicated server hosting, you can get rid of the substantial budget constraints. You can free yourself from the unnecessary investment that you generally make on the physical server setup, software upgrade, and hardware maintenance.
Moreover, you end up saving a considerable chunk of money on IT-related expenses such as upgrades, setup, and configuration, which is not possible with the on-premise setup.


It becomes crucial for any organization to keep its performance optimum during times of high workloads. Dedicated server hosting works seamlessly without interruption as resources like processor, storage, users, and memory are not shared with other users. As the cloud has made it possible for you to access the QuickBooks Cloud accounting software and data remotely, business productivity has enhanced. And, you become efficient in handling numerous accounting tasks.
Also, you may come across many dedicated server providers that offer private servers with High-Performance Computing (HPC) and multi-network connections. It enables you to have seamless and super-fast access to your accounting software and data without any lag.
With QuickBooks dedicated hosting, you can avail the features of reliability, remote accessibility, and peak performance that further add to optimum customer experience.


When it comes to your accounting processes, it surely needs additional add-ons or tools. It assists in accomplishing various complementary tasks, such as time-tracking and file conversion. Apart from that, you can integrate and customize your QuickBooks software with multiple third-party add-ons and applications with the help of QuickBooks on a dedicated server. A few of them we have mentioned here: ERP, Office suite, etc.

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The Bottom Line

No doubt, the competition and challenges in the accounting industry are continuously increasing. Thus, you must try to benefit your business with dedicated server hosting. Cloud not only provides you with the features of high server security and enough bandwidth, it further maximizes server reliability along with the uptime. However, you are free to spin your accounting needs in whichever way you want to avoid heavy workloads. You may feel that it might turn out to be an expensive option, but the investment is worth it.
If Cloud-hosted QuickBooks is what you want to serve your business with, we are just a call. Get in touch with our Cloud experts by dialing our customer helpline number +1855-738-0359

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