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The What, Why & How Of Running QuickBooks On Virtual Machine?

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Overall these years, Virtualization has evolved at a more tremendous pace. If you are wondering what this term means. It allows the creation of a computer within your primary computer. Still, there is a lot of time for technology to advance in certain domains, such as QuickBooks on Virtual Machine. In general, Intuit, at this point, isn’t supporting QB on Virtual machines such as VMs like VMware, VirtualBox, Xen, or Microsoft Virtual Server. Apart from that, if you take into account one of the biggest concerns, you still don’t have the option of local or online backup.

Therefore, it means that you carry the entire exporting process manually or use a third-party application. There are several reasons behind the success of running QuickBooks on a Virtual machine that we have discussed later in this post. Before that, you must know the steps to run QuickBooks on a Virtual Machine.

If you have ever installed Windows on the computer, this process wouldn’t be tedious for you because the steps required to install & run QuickBooks on Virtual Machine are similar. Below we have listed the steps that you need to follow:

  • Firstly, you have to install QuickBooks on the host operating system where it has already been running.
  • Then, create an image of the system and set it as a virtual machine.
  • Although you might feel that the process is more manageable, you still need technical experts to run QuickBooks on VM successfully.

What Are The Benefits Of Choosing QuickBooks Enterprise On VM?

Below we have just not listed the benefits that you can avail by choosing QuickBooks Enterprise on VM. There have been several cases where real-world experiences signify that QuickBooks Enterprise or its other editions run fine in a virtual machine until it has enough resources.

  • You might have often seen that accountants need to work with businesses that belong to different countries. Based on this reason, different QuickBooks versions based on countries have to be installed. It is easier to handle all the applications as all the versions are managed separately.
  • While running QuickBooks on a Virtual Machine, multiple software won’t slow down the windows as the tasks can be done quickly.
  • Virtual machines do not create any hindrance when it comes to software compatibility with the system.


We hope this blog has helped you gather the required information about running QuickBooks on a virtual machine. If you have any queries, you can contact our Cloud experts by placing a call on our helpline number.

To experience a free live demo to Run QuickBooks on VMWare, get in touch with our QuickBooks Cloud Hosting technical expert.

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