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How To Turn Off Advanced Inventory In QuickBooks (Updated 2024)

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QuickBooks Advanced Inventory feature has been helping businesses around the world in managing and tracking their inventory needs. While this feature is very useful, many users wish to turn off the advanced inventory in Quickbooks because of how it affects the system. Many people also like to manage their inventory manually and thus are not a fan of this feature. The method to turn off advanced Inventory in QuickBooks is different for Desktop, Enterprise, and Online versions. ?

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Why Do People Turn Off Advanced Inventory In QuickBooks?

QuickBooks’ advanced inventory feature is very useful for businesses as it helps them manage barcode scanning, discount order fulfillment, in-depth reports, lot number tracking, and other things. While these are the benefits, there are also many reasons to turn off advanced inventory in QuickBooks. They are such as:- 

  1. It slows down your QuickBooks application.
  2. It shows different Quantities in reports and in hand.
  3. It creates multiple duplicate inventories on its own.

What Happens When You Turn Off Inventory Tracking In QuickBooks Desktop?

There are changes in QB settings after turning off advanced inventory in QuickBooks. The application is affected in the following ways:- 

  1. QB will save all the site-related data you entered, but it won’t be visible and accessible to you. 
  2. It will hide all the site-related columns, fields, and reports from the QuickBooks interface. 
  3. QB will not assign inventory-related transactions to any of your sites.
  4. It stops using FIFO.
  5. You can no longer use barcode scanning.

How To Turn Off Advanced Inventory in QuickBooks Desktop & Still Use It?

The process to turn off advanced inventory in QuickBooks Enterprise offers an option to choose if there are certain features you would like to use. Let’s look at the steps you need to follow:-

  1. Click on the Edit tab and select Preferences.
  2. Choose Items & Inventory and then click on the Company Preferences tab.
  3. Tap on Advanced Inventory settings.
  4. Now you need to unmark the features that you want to stop using.
    • Multiple Inventory Locations – Untick the box if you want to clear Multiple location inventory.
    • Serial/Lot Number- Go to the Serial/Lot numbers tab and untick the checkbox to clear the Enable Lot or serial numbers.
    • FIFO tab – Go to the FIFO tab and untick the checkbox to clear the use of FIFO
    • Barcode scanning – Go to the Barcodes tab and untick the checkbox of Enable Barcode Scanning.

Note: Despite turning off barcode scanning, QuickBooks will retain all the barcodes in your company file, and you can use them again if you decide to turn this feature ON in the future.

  1. Now tap on OK in the Advanced Inventory Settings.
  2. In the preference window, again select OK.
  3. A warning message will pop up, click on OK.

How To Turn Off MIL (Multiple Inventory Location) Feature In QuickBooks Online? 

QuickBooks’ advanced inventory creates multiple locations to store inventory data. You can turn off MIL (Multiple Inventory Locations) in your application if you don’t want to use it. There are two different ways to turn off MIL (multiple inventory locations) in QuickBooks. While the above-mentioned method was for the desktop version, let’s look at the steps that need to be followed in the Online Version.

  1. Click on the Gear icon in the upper right corner.
  2.  Then click on the “Accounts and Settings” option.
Click on the “Accounts and Settings” option in the Gear icon
  1. Tap on the Sales icon.
  2. Now tap on the Edit button in the Products and Services section.
Click on the Edit button in the Products and Services section in Sales icon
  1. Now turn off the “Show Product/services” option in the sales form.
  2. Also, turn off the “Track inventory quantity and price/rate” options
  3. Now click on the Save button.
  4. Tap on the Done button.   

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You can now close QuickBooks Online and if required you can enable this feature in the future too. So now we hope you know how to turn off advanced inventory in QuickBooks. We discussed various reasons why people disable it and also the procedure that needs to be followed in order to do so. If you are facing any difficulty and are unable to complete the given instructions, we advise you to contact Asquare Cloud Hosting’s expert team at +1.855.738.0359 so that you can fix the issue without losing any data.

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