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9 Questions You Should Ask Your QuickBooks Hosting Provider

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All these years, QuickBooks has become the preferred choice of business owners and CPAs. Thus, if you are planning to migrate your data from the desktop version of QuickBooks to the Cloud, it means you are aware of the benefits that cloud hosting offers. There is no doubt that your data is highly secure when hosted on a remote server. Additionally, the data accessibility features enhance work flexibility and business profitability rate. Despite all these benefits, there might be several questions running in your mind. If you want to avail the maximum benefit of the Cloud, you must ponder over the questions, you should ask your QuickBooks hosting provider. In this blog, we have answered some of the major questions that the users come up with.

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What Benefit QuickBooks Hosting Provider Offers?

1: Impeccable Customer Service
While you select a QuickBooks hosting provider, customer service must be one of your considerations. If you are having efficient customer service, it ensures that the user does not have to worry about the errors related to hardware architecture and thus, can focus primarily on their business core processes.

Check if your selected vendor includes these factors in the service or not:

  • Round-the-clock support, even on weekends. 
  • Must have a technically skilled staff
  • 24X7 support on Email, chat, and phone
  • Effective and low-resolution time

2: Performance of the server
If you want your business to keep going, then server performance adds fuel for taking it ahead. Hence, make sure that you don’t slow down because of a weak server. It acts as a significant differentiator between cloud providers and picks up the best ones.

Server Performance and operation dependability are the two factors that you must take into account while hosting QuickBooks on a Cloud server. It is essential because some business owners don’t pay heed to this aspect and focus on finding the cheapest QuickBooks Hosting provider.

However, the user must inquire about the architecture and the remote server on which your data is secured. The well-known cloud providers deploy High-Performance Computing (HPC), which indicates that you do not face any lag while working on your QuickBooks.

3: SLA & Free Trial
To enjoy the hosting services of a provider, who can fulfil all your business requirements, take into account some considerations for QuickBooks Cloud hosting required to accomplish your workload.
For added benefits, you can take advantage of the free trial of many cloud providers offer. It will help you to have an analyzed mindset about the services provided by the cloud provider before even paying a penny for it.

Before you come to any conclusion, thoroughly go through the cloud provider’s SLA and analyze all the terms and conditions carefully.

4: Different QuickBooks Version
The QuickBooks cloud provider must be capable of hosting all versions of QuickBooks Desktop, inclusive of QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise, and Accountant. As different users might use modified versions of QuickBooks, the cloud provider needs to be compatible to host all QuickBooks versions.

5: Enhanced Reliability & Security
While storing QuickBooks Accountant data in the cloud, security should be your primary concern. The QB hosting provider that you select for your firm must have all these required security measures listed below:

  • Must deploy firewalls, look for multi-factor user authentication, anti-virus, and regular security audits.
  • Keep a note on data encryption
  • Try to access the different levels of data and system security processes. The users must have specific security guidelines and described measures that can come in handy to prevent illegal access.
  • Keep an eye on the physical security of the data servers: access records, CCTV, biometric access, and round-the-clock security staff.

6: Regular Data Backup
Your cloud hosting provider should offer regular QuickBooks cloud backup, so that you may not lose your crucial data due to unwanted natural calamity or system failure. The feature of affordable QuickBooks hosting ensures that you can recover your data from remote servers until the time of the end checkpoint in the record.

Moreover, you must ask if the cloud provider offers automated backup solutions for the data to be backed up automatically.

7: Remote Data Accessibility
When your data is stored on a platform like QuickBooks virtual desktop, multiple users can access the same file simultaneously from any location through an internet connection. This feature comes in handy when you need to make vital business decisions in a short period.

8: Downtime History
The hosting providers, no matter whether it is good or bad, must provide all the user relevant information when asked. Nobody expects perfection: downtime is inevitable. It is something that all cloud providers experience at some point.
What’s important is how they take action in such situations. That’s what creates the difference. Most of the QuickBooks hosting providers mention an uptime value in their SLA, which they offer to the customers.

A majority of them guarantee an uptime of 99.999 %. Therefore, it becomes imperative to verify the uptime value before you select the hosting provider.

9: Business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR)
Another factor, which comes into the picture while selecting an authorized server to host QB is his ability to handle unwanted events. It can be any disruptive event such as a human-inflicted crisis or natural disaster. It may bring your business processes a halt by hampering them and can result in data loss as well.

Top-of-the-class cloud providers implement BCDR practices to ensure proper crisis management and mitigation. Hence, don’t forget about the questions you should ask your QuickBooks hosting provider before you select one.


If you want to make your decision of choosing a service provider highly lucrative, the firms should initially investigate and accordingly verify the quality of service they have to offer before concluding any decision. It is a long-term investment that one makes into a business. Hence, be wise and enquire about the Questions You Should Ask Your QuickBooks Hosting Provider while selecting one.

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