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QuickBooks Hosting Migration: Must Know Top QB Migration Strategies

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Switching from one QuickBooks hosting provider to another is not something that happens in the blink of an eye. You need to consider several factors, such as planning, training, cultural change, execution, etc. Although, when it comes to business, every decision matters. Similarly, for QuickBooks Hosting Migration, you must consider numerous factors ranging from benefits to risks. It will help you understand how you can utilize the features of the hosting service provider at best. In this blog, we will discuss when you must migrate your data and its advantages.

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When Should You Migrate Your Data On The Cloud?

If you are stuck with a bad hosting provider’s services, then there is nothing worse you can do with your business. It can lead to unimaginable loss to your company. Therefore, we have listed several things that will help you know when to migrate your data to the cloud:

1: Downtime– Cloud is highly known to serve its customers with high uptime. If your service provider cannot give you such features, you must switch to a new provider immediately.

2: Security– If your cloud provider cannot provide you with the security features that you want to serve your business with, then without wasting even a second, you must start looking for a reliable hosting provider. Waiting will only put your data at risk.

3: Price– For hosting, you must compare the prices of various other hosting providers. At times, it might be possible that your vendor is charging way too high for the same services that the other is offering at a reasonable price. Once you know that, you know what to do next.

4: Unable to match SLAs– If your Cloud vendor’s services are unable to match the SLAs, you must switch to the new one.

How To Execute QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Migration?

The process of transferring your QuickBooks data and software from the cloud platform of one service provider to another is called QuickBooks hosting migration. It consists of the below listed five phases:

  1. Understand the existing service: Before swapping your cloud hosting services with a new provider, it is mandatory to evaluate the current cloud service. It would help you know the exact cause why you want to migrate to the new cloud provider?
  2. Search for a new hosting provider: From the time, you start having hosting error like cost, poor performance, security issues etc. you must begin to glance for an experienced hosting provider.
  3. Evaluate the service provider on several factors: Before you choose a service provider to cater some considerations for QuickBooks cloud hosting: cost, performance, customer service, industry recognition, and understand your business requirements and QuickBooks software before you switch your QuickBooks data and applications.
  4. Migrate your data: Right after choosing the provider, you must migrate your QuickBooks data and application from your existing provider to the newer one.
  5. Give Your Search A Proper Execution: once your migration process gets over, you must learn and adopt the new cloud platform for better efficiency and productivity.

How Must You Evaluate A New Provider For QuickBooks Hosting Migration?

Whenever you choose the best hosting provider, there are few questions you should ask your QuickBooks hosting provider:

  • What do you know about hosting QuickBooks? 
  • If my business grows in terms of users, applications, is it hard to change plans? In such a scenario, can the hosting services be scaled as per the business needs?    
  • Who can see my QuickBooks data? Who’ll have access to my data? 
  • Is my data secure on the cloud?
  • Where are the remote servers located?
  • What service uptime does your provider offer?
  • Does your provider offer a pay-as-you-go plan? 
  • Do you get any data backup in case you lose your data?
  • What customer services do you offer
  • In case of a disruptive event, do you provide BCDR services along with your hosting plan?

What Factors Must You Consider While Searching For A Hosting Provider?

  • Data Security
  • Reliable Customer service
  • Customer reviews
  • Customer Base
  • Scalability
  • Cost-Effective
  • Datacenter locations and features
  • Disaster recovery/ BCDR

Is QuickBooks Hosting Migration Advantageous?

QuickBooks Hosting Migration
QuickBooks Hosting Migration

Whenever you come across hosting issues like poor performance, security issues, not delivering on SLAs, and hidden and increased costs, these are the red flag indicators. Therefore, instead of waiting and wasting your valuable time, you must migrate your QuickBooks to a new hosting provider. Check Forbes predicts on enterprise workloads. Below we have specified some benefits that the user can avail with QuickBooks hosting migration USA.

  • You must look for an affordable hosting provider, as it helps in reducing the operational costs. If you have an issue regarding price with the existing provider. We assist you with pay-as-you-go pricing solutions for effective hosting.
  • If you choose an experienced provider, it helps you better security and offers authorized access for QuickBooks data.
  • A known hosting provider with a vast customer base serves its users with BCDR. And QuickBooks cloud backup service , in case any disruptive event occurs.
  • If speed is hampering your work. Get fast pace access to QuickBooks application with a pre-defined cloud uptime guarantee such as 99.999%.
  • If you don’t want your cloud success to get hampered. You must keep track of the quality of support, cost, and the medium (such as chat, email, or phone) by which you avail the services.
  • Therefore, if your current hosting provider doesn’t provide you with the stated benefits. Then you must migrate your QuickBooks to the customer-friendly provider that is available with round a clock support option.

What Strategy Must You Follow For Data Migration?

If you take an experienced hosting provider’s services, he will make the entire migration process seamless for you. Let’s glance at some vital things that you should consider during the QuickBooks migration process.

1: Impeccable Customer Service: Being considered an easy-to-use technology, the cloud, in general, doesn’t require customer assistance. However, in my situations, the user might have to take the guidance of a cloud service provider.

  • If you migrate QuickBooks from one provider to another. You need assistance while you enable user permission for authorized access, integrating QuickBooks with other applications, setting printers with QuickBooks, etc.
  • Therefore, you must select the one that offers 24×7 service via chat, email or phone.
  • What do their existing clients say about their customer service? The answer to this question confirms that you are not helpless when in need of a professional help.

2. Service Uptime: While migrating to the new QuickBooks hosting provider, don’t forget to ask the below-listed questions about service uptime:

  • Is QuickBooks a fast-paced application?
  • What is guaranteed service uptime?
  • What happens if downtime occurs? Are you assisted with any backup servers?
  • Does your uptime guarantee include maintenance?
  • Is your SLA at par with your actions when you face downtime?
  • Do you get any uptime rewards in the service agreement?

3. Cost-Effective: If you migrate to a new provider, added costs come along. But, if the migration results in a productive growth for business in all aspects. Then this cost wouldn’t be a bad deal at all. But before you proceed further, ask your provider about the QuickBooks Hosting migration costs:

  • Does the service provider charge any fee for QuickBooks enterprise hosting migration, or is it free? 
  • Is your business pattern hold any special offer? 
  • Does your provider have a pay-as-you-go plan?

Also, you must note that maximum cloud pricing plans depend on the computing workload: resources such as CPU, RAM, storage, security and backup options and licensing etc. Therefore, your SLA must be apt in terms of cloud service, maintenance and other charges along with the cost that you have to bear if you stop using the service.

4. Data & Application Portability: Interoperability and portability of your QuickBooks data are two main factors on which the migration process’s entire functionality depends.

  • Portability suggests the accessibility of your QB data across different cloud environments.
  • Interoperability means your accounting application’s ability to support and integrate with the cloud and other add-ons and applications.
  • Thus, you need to make sure that your QuickBooks data is portable and can integrate with the new environment’s applications.

5. Data Security: Security is one such feature that the hosting provider cannot compensate for.

  • While you move your QB data to the cloud server, you must consider two major concerns: data loss & breach of privacy.
  • Make sure to ask your hosting provider about the security measures he has deployed to protect your data.
  • He must also offer you robust disaster recovery protocols so that you can retrieve and restore your data if lost or stolen.

Why Asquare QuickBooks Hosting Migration Service?

At Asquare Cloud Hosting, we first analyze your business requirements and then try to find out which cloud solutions will best-suit your QuickBooks data and application to deliver the highest return on investment. By understanding your business dynamics, Asquare QuickBooks Hosting migration consultants can guide you to achieve extraordinary value at every step of your cloud journey.

We assure to deliver 99.999% uptime guarantee with secure QB hosting of your accountant data on our US-based remote servers and BCDR solutions. Speak to our Quickbooks Remote Hosting specialist today at (855)-948-3651.

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