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What To Do If Found Error 1712 When Installing QuickBooks

error 1712 when installing QuickBooks

Users have complained about facing error 1712 when installing QuickBooks for desktop. It is an error that occurs in Windows devices primarily due to damage in your QuickBooks installation file or operating system files. The error message that appears on the screen is:- 

Fic QuickBooks desktop installer error 1712
“We're sorry! Something went wrong with your installation.

Error 1712. One or more of the files required to restore your computer to its previous state could not be found. Restoration will not be possible.” 

Facing problems because of error 1712 in QuickBooks desktop? Go for a simple solution to fix error 1712 when repairing QuickBooks; reach out to an expert at Asquare Cloud Hosting Helpline Number at +1(855)-738-0359, and they will fix it for you.

What Causes QuickBooks Install Error 1712

QuickBooks Install Error 1712 can appear on your screen because of your application or system problems. The detailed list for it is as follow:- 

  • Your QuickBooks Installation files got corrupted or damaged.
  • The profile you are logged in with does not have sufficient permission.
  • Your QB files of Windows files got infected with a virus.
  • You are using an outdated Windows operating system.

In the next section, we have covered the top potential solutions that help you fix QuickBooks update error code 1712 after installing or uninstalling the program. So, carefully go with the flow without missing any important steps.

The Best 3 Methods To Fix Error 1712 When Installing QuickBooks Desktop

There are major 3 solutions that can help you fix QuickBooks installer error 1712 in desktop. They involve using Quick Fix my Program, ending background processes, and creating new windows profiles. Let’s look at these solutions in detail:- 

Solution 1- End Background Process from Task Manager

A QB process running in the background can be one possible reason for QuickBooks error 1712. You need to end all the QB related background processes to fix it. Use Task Manager for it and try to install QB again. Follow these steps:- 

Use Task Manager
  1. Press Alt + Ctrl + Del simultaneously on your keyboard.
  2. Then select Start Task manager.
select Start Task manager
  1. With the Task Manager window opened up, you’ll be navigated to your normal screen.
  2. Go to the Process tab and select processes which have QuickBooks in their name.
  3. Right-click on them and choose End Processes one by one.

Now reboot your computer and then try to install QuickBooks again.

Solution 2: Use Quick Fix Program from QuickBooks Tool Hub

Quick fix my Program tool helps you to repair any damage to your company file. It can be accessed from QuickBooks Tool Hub. If you are using an old version of QB, you might have to download the stand-alone version of Tool Hub. These are the steps you need to follow in order to use Quick Fix My Program:- 

  1. Run QuickBooks Tool Hub.
Run QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  1. Tap on Programs Problems and select Quick Fix my Program.
select Quick Fix my Program
  1. Wait for the process to get completed.

Now check if you again encounter error 1712 when installing QuickBooks for Desktop. 

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Solution 3- Create a new Windows user with Administrator Rights 

Insufficient permissions for QuickBooks or windows profile you are operating is one reason for QuickBooks install error 1712. You need to create a new admin profile and then give required access to QuickBooks Programs. These are the steps you need to follow:- 

  1. Tap on the Windows start button and click on Settings button.
  2. Then go to Accounts and choose Family & Other Users.
  3. Tap on Add Someone else to this PC.
  4. Click on I don’t have this person’s sign-in information and then Add a User without a Microsoft Account on the next page.
  5. Enter in the required details and press Next.
  6. Then close this window and again follow the steps to open the Family & Other Users page.
  7. Select the account you just created and click on Change Account type.

Note:- You’re giving administrator permissions to a Microsoft account, not a local account if you choose an account that has an email address or doesn’t state “Local account.”

  1. Choose Administrator and press OK. 
  2. Rerun your windows and sign in with new user account details.
  3. Now again, open the User Accounts page by following the above-mentioned steps.
  4. Look for QBDataServiceUser for your QB version.  

Note:- Look for QBDataServiceUser30 for QuickBooks Desktop 2020 and QBDataServiceUser29 for the 2019 edition. For each version, the number decreases.

  1. Tap on Change the account type and then choose Administrator.
  2. Tap on apply and save the changes made. 
  3. Repeat the steps for every QB Database Server manager you are using.  

Allow Experts to Help You Fix Error 1712 When Installing QuickBooks 

So this is all about QuickBooks Error Code 1712 that you need to know. Quick Fix my Program tool can help you fix many other errors too. Giving Admin access to QuickBooks programs grants extra permission to the application. If your QuickBooks update error 1712 is still not resolved after following the solutions mentioned above, contact Asquare Cloud Hosting’s expert team at +1(855)-738-0359, and they will guide you in the best possible manner.

The Best 3 Tactics To Fix Error 1712 When Installing QuickBooks
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