QuickBooks Remote Access Tool has succeeded in maintaining its position as the most excellent accounting Tool. It adds significant value and comfort to fulfil the accounting needs of small to large businesses. QuickBooks adds more to its value by making accounting easier for even not so accounting-savvy users. With the businesses going global, it has become a necessity rather than just an option. You must be wondering how to access QB remotely, hence, to answer your this query we have come up with this article. By the end of it, you will be aware of all the ways that enable you to access QB.

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What Is QuickBooks Remote Access Tool?

QuickBooks Remote Access Tool helps you to access the system from any other computer via a secure internet connection. In addition, you can easily access QuickBooks, emails, documents, etc. from anywhere anytime. With this feature, you can easily transfer the files between the two computers. Once you access QuickBooks remotely, users can enjoy the numerous benefits. Let’s discuss it.

Benefits Of Remote Access Tool For QuickBooks

QuickBooks provides remote accessibility features to its users, which helps them to gain several benefits that make their business operations more desirable.

  • It saves the cost of travel time and office infrastructure for accountants.
  • You can easily track the work schedule of accountants even when they are not in the office.
  • Different users can work simultaneously on the same file of QuickBooks.
  • The accounting professionals can have up to date access to QuickBooks.
  • You can transfer files and folders between two computers.
  • You can easily print documents from your remote PC to a local printer.

Is It Secure To Access QuickBooks Desktop Remotely?

Accounting activities being confidential require a security check. You need a reliable medium to source information and carry out accounting tasks.

If you opt for cloud-based solutions, such as QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Cloud Hosting, the security is reliable. Most of the providers practice 256-bit encryption.

However, if you choose other remote access tools, then the security concerns will rely on the abilities of that tool. So, opt for the recognized solution and stay safe.

How To Download Remote Access Tool For QuickBooks?

For those who want to access QuickBooks remotely, the below-mentioned steps are no less than a boon. Quickbooks offers its users the best tool for accessing their data remotely on any other system any time that is QuickBooks Remote Access Tool. To make use of this tool you have to download it. Follow the given below steps to download the tool.

  • Firstly, sign up for QuickBooks remote access tool by visiting the Intuit website.
  • Now, launch a web browser on the system for QB Remote access. After this, login to your account on the QB remote access website.
  • If you want to download the remote access tool installation file, click on setup.
  • Now, enter ‘Computer nickname’ in the Nickname field and select ‘Next’ to proceed.
  • To have remote access, place a checkmark next to applications.
  • If you want to pay the monthly charges, only access your QuickBooks accounts.
  • Then, click on Next.
  • After this, check the ‘Authentication’ option.
  • Now, enter Passcode received or use your phone number to access QuickBooks remotely. On the phone number provided, the tech team will call you to tell you to access the code.
  • Lastly, click Finish

If you want to access QuickBooks desktop remotely let’s proceed to different approaches to use Remote Access Tools for QuickBooks.

Recommendations To Access QuickBooks Remotely

As Coronavirus (COVID-19) is spreading like a fire, every organization has allowed its employees to remote working from home. Therefore, below we have discussed some best practices for remote work.

  • QuickBooks Hosting – It is for the businesses that require frequent access to QuickBooks and also improved collaboration between multiple users.
  • QB Online –For professionals and businesses that need remote access for QuickBooks frequently, but the requirements are not much intense.
  • QuickBooks Remote Access Tool –This is for the individual users who do not require frequent remote access needs.

Different Ways to Access QuickBooks Remotely

If you are a QuickBooks user and wish to access QuickBooks remotely. Then you can try three different ways to access QuickBooks desktop remotely as mentioned below:

  • Hosting QuickBooks Desktop on cloud
  • Switching to QuickBooks Online
  • Using QuickBooks Remote Access tool

Let us dig deeper to choose the best as per your requirements.

Method 1: Hosting QuickBooks Desktop On Cloud

  • QuickBooks is installed on the hosting provider server and thus accessed by the users from anywhere anytime.
  • Added to that, it aids cross-device usage.
  • Besides, it gives an edge to the accounting experts, as efforts for the installation or maintenance of QuickBooks are no longer needed. The service provider handles all that.
  • Now, users can easily do multi-user collaboration and integration of QB add-ons.
  • For security concerns, vendors offer end-to-end encryption, anti-virus and anti-malware systems, intrusion detection and prevention, multiple firewalls, multi-user authentication, automated backups, and more.

In this way, you can easily access QuickBooks remotely simply by hosting your QuickBooks desktop on a cloud server. If it doesn’t work then proceed to the next method.

Method 2: Accessing QuickBooks Online

  • QuickBooks installed on the host server can be accessed anytime over the internet-connecting device to work on your accounting needs.
  • The plan that you choose depends on the number of users who collaborate over it.
  • It also safeguards your data from illegal users, accidental data loss, viruses, and malware attacks, etc. by providing security measures and storing data in remote servers.
  • However, it does not offer all the features of QuickBooks Desktop that can be a severe concern for some. For instance, change in the user interface.
  • Users have also reported crashes while working with QuickBooks Online, which might be due to poor network and system configuration.

As this method helps you to access the QuickBooks remotely. If you find any difficulty in executing the above-given method then you can opt for the given below method.

Method 3: Using QuickBooks Remote Access Tool

  • QuickBooks Remote Access tool assists the users to connect to the remote machine where the QuickBooks desktop gets installed.
  • Activities such as copying and printing files between local and remote computers, access QuickBooks data folders, etc.
  • It also works on the Cisco WebEx tool that backs-up online meetings and communication services.
  • This feature is an add-on for QuickBooks software, found in two versions – QuickBooks Access and Full Desktop Access.
  • However, some challenges, such as – network connectivity between both devices, permissions setup, etc. may hinder a smooth process.

Wrapping It Up

We put our utmost efforts to give you a clear picture of the QuickBooks remote access tool. As in this new decade of digital business, you must be aware of all the aspects to get the maximum output. If you need any assistance, call our consultant at (855)-948-3651 for instant advice.

Oriana Zabell
Oriana Zabell
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