QuickBooks Script Error – Steps To Remove Script Error Message

QuickBooks Script Error

In today’s modern accounting world, QuickBooks accounting software stands above all for several reasons. For some, it is reliable and flexible, while for others, it can be efficient. Additionally, it is user friendly and saves a lot of your time and energy. Despite these advances, you may come across some technical bugs. A QuickBooks script error is an issue that occurs when trying to access a webpage from a QuickBooks 2016 application in Windows 10, 8, 7. Besides, several other reasons can trigger the script error in QuickBooks 2011. In this blog, we will take into account the reasons that lead to this issue, along with its resolution methods. Let’s discuss this technical nuisance in detail.

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What Is QuickBooks Script Error?

Fix script error in QuickBooks
Fix script error in QuickBooks

Script error in QuickBooks occurs if Javascript having any installation errors or due to some reasons Internet explorer is unable to process the webpage. The QuickBooks script error is a standard Internet Explorer issue that occurs when trying to open a company file. When you try to access the webpage, it will not load or take time to open. A script error message will pop-up that says “A script on this page is causing your browser to run slowly.” For this, your system will respond slowly. Thus, it is necessary for you to resolve the error as soon as possible.

The error has occurred in the script of this page” these Script errors are still a common occurrence among Internet surfers. Most of the time you will see this msg when you are using Internet explorer. Nowadays a lot of programs use internet explorer script. If you want to know the causes of this QuickBooks script error line 0 and stop running this script error, then follow the mentioned below:

Why Do You Encounter Internet Explorer Script Error Message?

There are a number of reasons why QuickBooks (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016) has a script error and interrupts your ongoing work. Here, we have mentioned the major causes that you should be aware of to get rid of the Intuit QB script error message hassle-free:

Fix Internet Script Error Message
Fix Internet Script Error Message
  • The error takes place due to disabled/blocked script processing functions.
  • Any malware/spyware or infection in your system can lead to this issue.
  • It might be possible that you would have made some changes to the system prior to the occurrence of the script error.
  • Getting intermittent script error with one website.
  • There might be damaged in the script plugin or software, i.e. JAVA, ADOBE FLASH, etc.
  • The data that you have downloaded from the web source is incompatible with the format of script software.
  • Your default browsers cache folder is either full or corrupted.
  • There might be damaged or missing active X components.
  • The script debugging feature might be enabled.
  • The script function is blocked by a firewall or third party application.
  • The QuickBooks data file that you are using is damaged.
  • Windows user is corrupted or damaged.

If you see the error message in a pop-up like “https:cdnoptimizely.com/js/10451337354.js” don’t be panic just follow the mentioned below steps.

How To Fix QuickBooks Script Error Code 0?

Well, by now you may be well aware of various reasons that can cause a QuickBooks script error code 0. And thus, you are in a situation where you can perform various troubleshooting steps. Moreover, this is possible only when you know what error has occurred in your system. To help you, we have mentioned below some effective solutions that can help you to remove the Internet explorer script error or stop running this script error as soon as possible. Let’s start!

Solution 1: Clear Cache data in Order to Fix QB Script Error Code 0

Clearing cache data folder of Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • First, you need to open Internet Explorer.
  • After that, click on the tools option.
  • Then, click on Internet options, followed by the general tab.
  • Now, you have to click on the delete option available under the browsing history.
  • To proceed further, checkmark all the options like cookies, history & temporary internet files.
  • In the end, click on apply and OK.
checkmark all the options like cookies, history & temporary internet files
checkmark all the options like cookies, history & temporary internet files
  • In the end, click on apply and OK.

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Solution 2: Turn Off Add-Ons In IE To Fix Internet Explorer Script Error

Disable add-ons on Microsoft Internet Explorer
Disable add-ons on Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • In the first place, you have to open Internet Explorer.
  • Then, navigate to tools.
  • After that, click on Internet options.
  • Once done, choose the programs tab followed by manage add-ons.

Have the above methods helped you to resolve QuickBooks script error line 1? If not, then don’t panic! You can go ahead and follow the below-mentioned solutions.

Solution 3: Set Internet Explorer As Your Default Browser

  • To begin, you need to first open Internet Explorer.
  • After that, select tools.
  • Then, select Internet Options.
  • Once done, click on the Advanced tab.

    Reset your default browser
  • Further, click on Reset to default.

Solution 4: Add Quickbooks as a Trusted Website To Your Browser

It will show the error like:
An error has occurred in the script on this page. Line 22 Char 2 Error “$” Code 0 URL https://[email address removed]/sgn-rs/api/v1/lpd/las_box?param1=25&param2=las
It means the webpage prevents you from doing this process. If you want to get rid of this script error message, then you have to use Internet explorer as a default browser and configure it. Follow the mentioned below steps to configure Internet explorer and fix the internet explorer script error:

Add QuickBooks as a trusted website
Add QuickBooks as a trusted website
  • Firstly, you have to open Internet Explorer and then select Tools.
  • After that, navigate to the Internet Options.
  • Moving ahead, click on the Security tab.

While proceeding, you need to make sure that you ask your IT department or professional executive to complete these required steps to resolve the QuickBooks script error line 0

QuickBooks script error line 0
  • Operating System Files Check in Windows
  • Open Command prompt
  • Type SFC/SCANNOW to scan system files

Warning: One needs to know that it is a long process and thus, can take several minutes to run.

  • Disk error checking in Windows
  • Go to Computer
  • Right-click on the C:/ drive
  • Click on the Tools tab.
  • Under the Error-checking section, click the Check Now button.

Solution 5: Disable Script Debugging 

  • In the first place, navigate to the internet options available in internet explorer.
  • Then, you have to click on the Advanced tab.
  • Once done, you have to scroll down below to two options:
    1. Disable Script debugging Internet Explorer
    2. Disable script debugging other
  • Check both the options and then, click on Apply followed by OK.

Solution 6: Configure Security Settings

If you have enabled any script blocking feature in the default windows security application, then its essential for you to disable it. For that, you have options:

  1. Either configure the security application.
  2. Or take the assistance of a QuickBooks expert remotely that can guide you with handy solutions to fix QuickBooks script error startup.

Solution 7: Re-Install The Plugin Software

It might be possible that there is some damage to the script processing application. To repair, all you need to do is re-install or repair the accounting software.

  • For that, firstly, you have to locate the plugins that are installed in your control panel.
  • Then, you need to re-install all the plugins like JAVA, ADOBE FLASH, and .Net framework.

Solution 8: Verify Active Scripting and Then Uninstall Active X

Active X controls are disabled in a high-security level in Internet Explorer.

  • To begin the troubleshooting method, you need to first open IE and move to the internet options.
  • Then, select tools and click on the Security tab.
  • After that, Click on default level followed by OK.
  • At times, there might be some damage in the Active X that might restrict the browser to display QuickBooks data. Further, you have to uninstall the file for unblocking the access to your QuickBooks file.
Verify active scripting and then uninstalling the ActiveX.
Verify active scripting and then uninstalling the ActiveX.

Uninstall or remove the ActiveX file in Internet Explorer

  • While you start, navigate to the options available in the IE.
  • Then, click on Settings followed by the option view objects.
  • Later, it’s essential to check all ActiveX files that you have currently installed in your system.
  • Then, you need to locate the file name starting with qboax like qboax11 or qboax11.dll.
  • Lastly, make sure that you have shut all the internet explorer running windows. And, finally, delete the located files from the system.

Solution 9: Create SSL certificates from Internet Explorer

  • Select the internet option by clicking the gear icon from IE.
Clear SSL Certificates from Internet properties
  • From the content tab click on the clear SSL state button.
  • Click ok to save the changes.

Solution 10: Repair QB Data File

Well, if there is an issue with your QuickBooks company file, then you can repair it by using the QuickBooks file doctor. For that, you need to first download and install QuickBooks file doctor from the official QuickBooks download page. Once done, it will find out the related errors and correct in on its own.

We hope the above-mentioned resolution methods have helped you get rid of the QuickBooks script error with no trouble. We have tried to make it easier for you to understand the steps required to troubleshoot this issue. Even though, if you are stuck and couldn’t proceed further, we suggest you take the assistance of our proessional experts by placing a call on our Asquare Cloud Hosting Helpline Number. We will help you resolve your query at the earliest. If affordable troubleshooting is what you are aiming at, then you must go ahead and reach us. We are just a call away!