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5 Easy Ways to Fix QuickBooks Error 1311 – Can’t Find Source File (Filename)

QuickBooks error message code 1311
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If you’re getting an error message that reads, “The following issue has occurred: Error 1311. Source file not found (name of the file). Verify that the file exists and that you can access it”. Then there’s a good chance that you are facing QuickBooks Error 1311. QuickBooks Error code 1311 is a standard error that several factors can cause. This article will discuss the causes of this error and what you can do to troubleshoot it.

You must carefully follow this instruction manual if QuickBooks Desktop error 1311 is troubling with your workday. You may also get help from experts by calling the toll-free number +1(855)-738-0359.

What is QuickBooks Error 1311?

Sometimes, due to technical glitches, the software may show error code 1311. This will not allow the export of the file. QuickBooks Error 1311 is an error that can occur either when QuickBooks installation takes place using a CD or when you are exporting certain financial statements to MS Excel. There are a few different reasons why this error might occur. But the most common is due to a corrupt or damaged QuickBooks installation file. If you’re seeing this error, it means that QuickBooks cannot access the file it needs to complete the export process.

Why is QuickBooks Error Code 1311 occurring?

QuickBooks Error code 1311 occurs when the user tries to access a company file or open QuickBooks. A problem with Microsoft usually causes this error. There are a few things that can cause QuickBooks Error 131. These could be-

  • The CD on which QuickBooks is installed is corrupt. 
  • The QuickBooks installation file is corrupt. 
  • There are some issues with the Microsoft Office version.
  • Microsoft Office and QuickBooks software versions are not compatible.
  • Problem with CD-ROM drive.

These are the possible reasons why QuickBooks desktop error 1311 is occurring. However, like any error, error code 1311 can also get fixed. 

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How To Fix QuickBooks Error 1311? 

QuickBooks Error 1311 can be easily fixed by following the steps given below:

Method 1: Install QuickBooks from the Local Storage of your Computer

Installing QuickBooks from your computer’s local storage can help you rectify this error. You can do so by following these steps: 

  • Open your computer and go to the My Computer section.
  • Go to the CD-ROM drive and start by inserting Quickbooks CD. 
  • If the installation starts automatically, then click “Quit” and exit.
  • Create a folder on your computer by clicking>new option>select folder. Keep this folder easily accessible in local storage.
  • Go to the CD-ROM where the installation files are.
  • Click right and copy all the files from CD-ROM.
  • Then go back to the new folder you created in local storage and paste (right click>choose paste)
  • After pasting the files, reinstall QuickBooks from this new location.
  • If you face trouble copying files, your CD is corrupt. You can try another CD for QuickBooks installation. 

After these steps, restart your computer, and error 1311 will probably be troubleshot. You can also try other following methods. 

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Method 2: Restrict CD-ROM Access to Local Users

Restart your computer and then run the setup file again. If this does not help, you should restrict CD-ROM access to Local Users.

Sometimes, this error occurs because of some security settings which an administrator has implemented on your computer. So make sure that these types of programs aren’t blocking access to the CD-ROM drive before proceeding further with the other steps mentioned below. 

  • Go to the Control Panel and open administrative tools from there.
  • Go to the Local Security Policy option and 
  • Expand the folder and choose LOcal Policy Folder from there
  • Select the Microsoft Windows version that you are currently using from the Security Options
  • Choose Restrict CD-ROM access to the users who log in locally only
  • Now exit and restart the software
Method 3: Check the Compatibility Of Microsoft Office With QuickBooks

You might be using an older version of Microsoft Office software that doesn’t provide compatibility with QuickBooks. Therefore, to export the desired file, you may need to modify the Microsoft Office. After updating or changing MS Office, you can export the reports directly from QuickBooks.

To check the compatibility between the two, you can follow these steps-

  • Press the keys Window+R and type Control Panel on the shown box 
  • Double click on the Remove/add programs
  • Make the modification by selecting or double-clicking Microsoft Office
  • Check if the Microsoft version is 2000 or later; otherwise, modify the Repair
  • Choose Repair as per instruction to troubleshoot any installation errors
  • Get the latest Microsoft version from Microsoft Official Download Page

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Method 4: Reinstalling CS4 Application

Another method to fix QuickBooks error 1311 is reinstalling the CS4 application. You can do so by following these steps-

  • Press Ctrl + R key or go to start>Windows>Run
  • Open Run Window and type msiexec/unreg, and press enter on your keyboard 
  • Reinstall the CS4 application and open the application setup file
  • Follow the guidelines on your computer screen to complete the installation process
Method 5: Use Photoshop Elements Disc

Try using the photoshop elements to get rid of QuickBooks install error 1311 by following these steps-

  • Open CD-ROM and insert Photoshop Elements install disc in the same
  • Open This PC/My Computer>right click the Photoshop Elements disc
  • Create a new folder in the computer
  • Copy the Adobe photoshop elements folder into the new folder on the desktop
  • After copying, eject the disc
  • Open adobe photoshop elements, then double-tap the setup.exe file to start the installation
  • Complete the installation according to on-screen prompts

Restart the software and check if the error is still there or not.

Are There Any Other Ways To Fix QB Error 1311?

After completing these methods and rebooting your computer, you’ll get rid of QuickBooks Error 1311. But if the QuickBooks error message code 1311 persists even after trying everything mentioned above, you can always reach out to us. Our expert team will help you to resolve the error quickly. You can also try QuickBooks Helpline for further guidance at +1(855)-738-0359

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