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Fix QuickBooks Payroll Error 30134 Quickly- Easy Solutions

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Are you receiving a message on your screen as “QuickBooks Payroll Error 30134” while transferring a direct deposit in QuickBooks? Sometimes, such errors may arise in the QuickBooks payroll service. QuickBooks may sometimes face some technical glitches and errors. This blog will discuss one of the common errors 30134 that you may encounter during payroll. QuickBooks Error Code 30134 occurs when starting the payroll process. Below is a detailed description of why error code 30134 happens and multiple troubleshooting solutions.

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What Is QuickBooks Payroll Error 30134?

QuickBooks Payroll Error 30134 is a common error you may face while running the payroll process. QuickBooks Desktop Error 30134 occurs when the program cannot find a payroll item that should be there or if one of the items in paychecks is missing. It is a critical error you should be aware of because it can affect your business.

This error can be caused by many reasons, such as incorrect information or missing information from the file. For example, the error refers to an invalid data type for a field in the file. 

Signs Of QuickBooks Desktop Error 30134

When this error occurs, you will get an image on the screen of your desktop that has a written message- 

Error Number: QuickBooks Error code 30134 

  • Because of QuickBooks error message 30134, the user may notice that QB is not responding to their requests
  • The screen may start lagging or freezing
  • Users may be unable to perform business operations on QuickBooks

If you are experiencing such issues, your QB is showing error 30134. There are several reasons why this happens, and we’ll discuss them in the next section.

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Reasons Why QuickBooks Payroll Error 30134 Occurs

If you’re getting this error, something is wrong with your QuickBooks Payroll service. There may be several reasons why error 30134 QuickBooks desktop occurs. Some of these reasons include:

  • The payroll service subscription has not been re-validated.
  • The QuickBooks desktop version is not compatible with the running Windows version installed on your computer.
  • The information or PIN entered while transferring the data was incorrect and has not been updated. 
  • It is possible that the Direct Deposit agreement is not validated, while you may have several active payrolls.
  • Another possible reason could be that your QuickBooks company files are damaged.

Now you know the factors that can play a part in causing QuickBooks error 30134. It will get easier to understand how to troubleshoot and get rid of these problems. Read the following section to find out the best solution for this error.

How To Fix QuickBooks Payroll Error 30134 Quickly?

QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Error 30134 occurs when the payroll subscription has not yet been activated or the pin for direct deposits has not been set up. We’ll show you how to fix this problem by setting a new pin for direct deposits, verifying and activating your payroll subscription, and using regedit to eliminate error 30134. We are here to help you fix Error Code 30134. Follow the below guide to get rid of this error and start using your QuickBooks payroll software without any issues. You can fix QB Error Message 30134 by following these steps:

Solution 1: Set a New Pin for the Direct Deposits:

First, set a new pin for your direct deposits. If you cannot continue with the login process, you should reset the PIN. This will allow users to change their login information and re-access their accounts. This will help you verify and activate your QuickBooks payroll subscription. 

This step will ensure that the correct information is sent to Intuit for direct deposit transactions. You can do this by-

  • Open QuickBooks Desktop and go to Employees.
  • Click My Payroll service>find the given drop-down menu> then choose the “Account/Billing Information” option.
  • Move forward after entering the required User ID and Password.
  • In the Payroll Window, go to the Payroll Service Pin section.
  • Tap on the Update Pin button.
  • Now you can reset your PIN.
  • After resetting the PIN, try resending the Direct Deposit.

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Note: Keep the number of characters between 8-12, including both letters and numbers. And don’t include any special characters in the PIN).

Choose “Create New Pin” from this menu and carefully enter all your details. Hence, there are no mistakes when submitting them later down the road during the verification or activation stages.

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Solution 2: Check and Re-Activate Your Payroll Subscription

Second, verify and activate your QuickBooks payroll subscription because sometimes, even if you’re using the correct information, it still shows QB error 13134 due to outdated payroll service on your system. Verify if your payroll is still activated by the below steps-

  • Open QuickBooks Desktop> click the “Employees” option.
  • Select Payroll Service from the menu shown on your screen.
  • Now choose the Account/Billing Information option on your screen, and then move ahead. 
  • Fill on the necessary details and go to the QuickBooks Account Page.
  • Go to the status field, and tap on the ‘Resubscribe‘ option.
  • After unsubscribing, you’ll get instructions on your device’s screen, follow these prompts and activate the subscription.

Note: These steps may vary barely according to the versions of payroll that you are using.

Solution 3: Update to the latest Windows Operating System 

An outdated Windows is also one of the reasons why QuickBooks shows errors. It would be best to keep your Windows up-to-date to protect your system from these errors. Update Windows operating system to the latest release by the below steps-

  • Click on the Windows or press Windows on your keyword> then go to the Start menu.
  • Check for settings and double tap on it.
  • Change PC setting options when you are being directed to a new Window.
  • Select Update > then go to Recovery Category> And press Windows update.
  • Click on the Check Now tab to see if the program shows any updates available.
  • Download if updates are available, and then restart your device.

Fixed QuickBooks Error 30134?

We have covered the best possible solutions to troubleshoot QuickBooks error message 30134. We hope you got all the information related to this error. If you cannot rectify the error even after trying all these solutions. Then please reach out to our team, and our experts will help you. You can also reach out to the QuickBooks Data Repair Service expert at +1(855)-738-0359 for any queries related to the error. 

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